1. I mean, I got 279 in a row without cheats before… (probably could of gotten more but it stopped me ;-;) so I don't know why I'd need this, but hey. I'm lazy.

  2. Guys just do it how you're supposed to do it. Yes, I know that you may hate it or you're raging real hard, but in the long run It'll help you lots. You DO NOT want to be that boy/girl in high school or college that doesn't know their math.

  3. Guys, don't listen to this video. You don't learn anything, and, eventually, your teacher and/or parent will find out. I don't recommend you listen to videos like this.

  4. Hi Logan my name is Brianna and I have a cheat similar to this were if you click any number on the keypad no matter if right answer with your mouse it comes up with the correct answer i do it in class and downloaded it in class and im gonna try it tomorrow XtraMath every grade in my elem school has to do endless 10 minutesmof XtraMath because i cant do it too much because my teacher is the one that changes it to the next level so she gonna be suspicious if i do it all in one day well anyways peace out

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