Why This Symbol Appears In Japanese Video Games

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This video takes a look at the Japanese “manji” symbol, its history and why it appears in so many Japanese video games and other Japanese media.

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  1. Still think the best way to remove Nazi power today (or those that follow that) is to to embrace the symbol as something else. But don´t think that will happen

  2. change the title to history iof the swastika, or better yet do another video with the tittle, why this symbol keeps being censored when almost everyone know has othing to do with the nazies

  3. I believe the Manji should stay. What could be done to avoid foreigners from calling it the Hitler or Nazi symbol they should put a big sign in a popular area where many would or have gotten offended at the sight of it and notice the big sign explaining it what it means. If you are still offended after learning that then there's something wrong with you.

  4. I think is should stay, and maybe the map itself could explain the history so that westerners can become educated.
    Everyone yelling that westerners need to educate themselves, are not thinking. How are we supposed to know something is wrong if we have never seen any other evidence? You are asking us to study something that we done even know needs to be studied.

  5. I think we should keep the manji everywhere, also the nazi cross in WW2 related content and stuff, people just need to be more tolerant and open minded

  6. i think they should keep it to help people recall the good the symbol once had and that it has diffent meanings in the east rather then the west my knowage is still limited on this subject but there are still groups who use this symbol for evil so the history is still being felt here even to this day but anyways i think the idea is to have understanding of changes seeing this is the kind of thing people call tolerance for so it pays to see if they follow though with this kind of ideology or just useing it for abusement

  7. I was at a Buddhist temple and there was a bunch of western family’s got super annoyed by the manji symbol cause they thought it was the nazi symbol

  8. They should keep the "Manji"
    The media always ignore Japan's good sign and using it as a "Nazi" because because the west, might be racist to Japanese by calling them "Nazis"
    (Am I wrong?)

  9. I think the marker should stay. It's easy to add a legend for foreign tourists that says some thing like 卍 = Buddhist temple.
    If the world is to widen it's understanding and become less triggered by a symbol which is not intrinsically evil but good.

  10. You should all watch how japanese react when they are asked about this symbol in this video
    They really have no idea what it means outside japan. I also tend to believe that the only reason japan even sided with germany during ww2 is because japanese are so naive and they've probably saw germany use manji and be like "sugoi, they like our symbol too, let's be friends". Never underestimated how naive and oblivious to anything outside japan japanese are. You can say your father is ganesha with 4 arms and they will believe it too.

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