Who Is The BEST ELF On My Minecraft Server!?

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Today we will find out who is the best elf on my minecraft server. We shall split into two teams to complete a Christmas adventure…

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  1. I can't watch the maze part. I'm still triggered from the recording. Makes me so nauseous and dizzy LOL. I was nearly third to complete the candy cane parkour and failed the last jump then stepped off the edge of the divider back into the trees. I was done at that point.

  2. as for the glass, I was just wondering: "Is this claimed? Can I break this? OH GOSH I BROKE IT! I DIDN'T ACTUALLY MEAN TO! YOU SAW NOTHING!!"

  3. When they tell you to go round on the left, it only works in real life, or a larger minecraft maze. The idea is that you keep your hand on the left wall, and since all the walls are connected, you should find the exit by going round some or most of the maze. This allows you to know where you've been, and it doesn't matter if you get lost, because you will find the exit eventually.

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