Which Horrifying Video Game Moment Scarred You For Life?

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Things are getting all spooky on this week’s Chatty Faces. Let us know of your own experiences in the comments down below!

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  1. The Last Door for me. In the first chapter of the first season, you're exploring a creepy ass mansion where you found your best friend hanging in the attic. At one point, after a certain puzzle is solved, you hear this jaunty, kind of Italian-flavored carnival tune start playing and trace it to a phonograph in the house. Then, you solve another puzzle, and go back through that room and find it covered in red-eyed crows (the cult the story is concerned with worships a terrifying crow god), the room turns blood red and the music becomes heavily distorted and startlingly loud, all at once. Scared the hell out of me but also got me absolutely hooked on that game. I've devoured both of the completed seasons so far and highly recommend it to anybody who likes the writings of Lovecraft and/or enjoys point and click adventure games.

  2. I think I was 11 or 12 when my older brother bought Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen. He started the game, and while we were looking at the instruction booklet it played the introduction cutscene, and the whole thing terrified me. Literally the only time I touched the game was so I could set it aside to get to another game. I did eventually summon the courage to watch my brother play it later, and it was fascinating, but I never could bring myself to play it. About 5 years later I briefly played the sequel and thought it was neat. Maybe I'm brave enough to try the original now, but no game made me so terrified to play it just by the first cutscene alone.

  3. My first gaming scare came from Luigi's Mansion, when you have to watch a cut scene introducing the Area 2 boss, Bogmire. When lightening stuck his tombstone in the little cemetery and this menacing purple blob suddenly towered over Luigi, with eerie music playing, it made me come to despise reaching that area and having to fight him.

  4. I don’t play horror games for the same reason I don’t watch horror films, I don’t like cheap scares e.g. jump scares. But, when I was kid, like 7 or 8 years old, I played Conkers Bad Fur Day and I quite enjoyed the story but when I got to the Vampire part, with the zombies and such, I quit the game. It was way too scary for me back then.

  5. The only game that ever scared me so bad I couldn't finish it was the evil within the spider lady that kept showing up I was like nope screw it my anxiety can't take another hit I think I got to the part where u had to incinerate her but she kept catching me omg I hated it lol I still can't finish that game till this day

  6. For me it's 2 moments i can think of. Seeing Nemesis for the first time in RE3 when i was a kid and not being able to even look at the case till the summer after graduating high school then beating it 3 times lol. The 2nd is in RE2 when the licker jumps thru the interrogation mirror.

  7. I've yet to be scarred by any video game I've played or any movie/T.V. show I've watched. There is a difference between being scared and being scarred. Sure, I've been scared a few times here and there (mostly, if not all, jump scares), but never scarred.

    I don't have nightmares. Rarely dream.

  8. Not really a moment, per se, but the first time I played Portal, I got really freaked out after the attempted incineration. My anxiety disorder was undiagnosed at the time, and I remember my heart pounding to the point of being painful while Chell was walking behind the walls and just anticipating turrets to appear and kill me. It got so bad, I had to turn off the game and calm down. I had a nightmare that night of GLaDOS trying to kill me for real. The next day, I managed to finish the game, kicking myself when I realized just how close I was to beating it

  9. I watched PT and oddly didn't find it that scary. Maybe it has a different effect if you're playing. But the scariest thing which still haunts me in a game I've played or watched is Walker from Outlast. He's the kind of character that you find can haunt you outside his game. If you see something, or read something that it seems like he could fit in or invokes some image from the game, well,not fun to say the least.

  10. That time I threw a dead dog at a wall in Dishonored. Ok, it was a glitch, but it still disturbs me when I think about. So for some reason when I threw this dog at a wall it got stuck and started twitching and flailing about. I did this over and over again and the same thing happened every time. Coincidentally it just happened to be in a torture room, so I wanted to try to throw it at the prison bars to see if that would work. Oh god I wish it didn't. Its jaw started extending and distorting horrifically between the bars, all while it's limbs were still twisting and flailing about. It was awful. After awhile it finally gave up the fight and got sucked through the wall into the void, and I pretended like I didn't just spend 20 minutes throwing a poor dead animal at a wall.

  11. Geez, now I feel old.
    First time I deliberately avoided playing a game out of fear was after my first encounter with the Dianoga in Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. Ugly, jaggy diseased-looking skin, rows of cephalopod teeth, tentacles for days and it makes a noise like my throat did back when I had laryngitis really bad. Then there's a giant one who can eat you whole.

  12. Mine was resident evil 1 when Tyrant broke out of the capsule as a kid. I was so frightened and only about 5, I had to hide behind the sofa until my dad had killed him

  13. The one moment that sticks with me most was the elevator descent, during chapter four in Dead Space. Sitting in relative silence then the blood curdling scream with the surround sound system on. Definitely more terrifying than almost auto lobotomising in the sequel.

  14. The last fourth of Silent Hill 3 was entertainingly horrifying for me. I had low(ish) health and was stocking all of my healing items for the inevitable final fight. I stayed up literally all night to defeat the game. Sweaty palms, dodging those freakish enemies, traversing through red rooms; totally unsettling at 4am in a pitch black basement. The embodiment of a great horror game; I will always love Silent Hill 3 for that reason.

  15. First time I played RE2 and Marvin turned into a zombie..swear he was the quickest zombie in the entire game & the music that entailed with it…at 10 years old…damn near 💩 my pants…yup lol

  16. The boss fight with the mom in RE7 and the little girls room after it. Also FEAR, theres a part where you are in an elevator and Alma showed up RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME while it was pitch black. I ended up waking up the whole house.

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