What Exactly is The Apple of Eden? | Assassin’s Creed Quick Lore

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  1. Nikola Tesla is Serb, and he is born in Autrian empire. His rooths are from Serbia, he was Orthodox Crhistian. So, pls don't mention Tesla and Croatia anymore. Cuz with that you are just destroying historical facts, truth and his name with all his achievements. Thank you.

  2. AssasSin creed was made by the people on the losing side of western history, this is why they are trying to rewrite western history (its religion and founders). This is why there has never been or might be a main fusillade Japan story line.

  3. Ubisoft's mentality: Need the Apple of Eden, but it was dropped into the ocean. Shit you're right. Let's just make a new one because they really are easy to aquire for some reason. Any high school dropout could make one in his mom's basement.

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