Vaulting Update: Reaction and Thoughts (PUBG August Update?) – PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS NEWS

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I react to the new vaulting update video posted by tooner today showcasing all new animations on the in-game engine. P.S SORRY FOR THE AUDIO MIX.

Well I picked up an AWM and shot some dudes in this here highlight. Hope you like it!

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  1. I don't see this patch hitting in two weeks. I think it'll be the September patch. Didn't see gun animations or FPP demos, so may be 6 weeks out!
    Before we see a new map, I'd really like to see some polishing and optimization. FPP and shooting through windows can be glitchy as hell. Also, sometimes when prone and using an 8x or 15x scope I'll see my characters beanie/helmet in the scope, blocking the view!

  2. When falling from a high wall it looks a little bit floaty. Little bit, I'd like to feel more weight when dropping off one of those high walls.

  3. Ooooh, it's so close now! This has been priority No1 for me since my first match. I'm especially excited to be able to dive out of windows, not being stuck on the second floor of houses with no balcony!

  4. This is awesome i think, of course more weapons and stuff would be great, but i'm sooo glad that u finally gonna be able to jump over a thing that's so low that u almost could step over it in real life. No more get stuck behind some fence in a fire fight, just run and jump. Awesome!! 🙂 Great video as always! Love from Sweden!

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