Using the First Apple iMac G3 – Running Classic Macintosh Games & Apps

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Come back in time to the introduction of the original Apple iMac. An incredibly iconic piece of hardware. We’ve got a Candy-colored Indigo Blue system running the classic mac OS 9.1.

What games and applications did old Macintosh users have access too? And why would anyone want to own an Apple iMac G3 now? Is OS9.1 still fun?

These computers were designed to bring convenience to the user with everything you’d need built-in. Attach your keyboard and mouse and start computing like it’s the year 2000!

See the screenshots from the games listed as well as links to download the applications.


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  1. I remember there was some TV-show. I don't remember what it was about, but I remember it had these line of computers. I was like "Wow, why our computers don't look like that!"

    Always wondered how pro software looked like back in the day. Thanks for glimpse of that era 🙂

  2. Aye mate, been watching since december 2016. Your PSP videos brought me in. I love the effort and editing you do. You're environment where you film is solid and designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Keep on my dude. Your recent stuff feels more natural and you're definitely growing as a content creator.

  3. I remember this system when I was in elementary school. The one thing I remember the most was that it would read errors to you. It'd start with something like 'it's not my fault' and then read the error to you. Did it do that while you were working with it?

  4. I remember how badly I wanted to have one of these iMac G3 computers back then, it just looked amazing having "a TV" with a keyboard and mouse!
    Too bad my mom never had the money left over for it, today I could pick one up but my room's too small and I barely know what to do with it nowadays.
    I'm glad there's still some love for these though.

    Also yay for your funny kids!

  5. So a few quick corrections, that's not "The First Apple iMac G3" That's going to be at earliest one of the Revision D iMac in Indigo from 2000 not the first ones from '98. The models A, B, and C both came with the infamous "hockey puck" rollerball mouse and model A and B came with the "Lawnmower" tray loading CD drive and a keyboard with a power button on it. USB ports were on earlier Power Mac G3's but they were the only connector on the iMac.
    P.S. If you get really REALLY desperate you could setup a home server and host a netboot share and force that by holding down "n" at startup. That's going to be 10 times more work than just pulling the drive and re-writing it from another computer though.

  6. I'm redoing the Mac OS 9.2.1 install on my Pismo PowerBook (400mHz, 380-something me ram, and 120 fb hd) I've had since knew right now and found this. Just wanted to say you make really great videos. A bit of constructive criticism, when you record the screen on a crt, make sure the frame rate of your camera is the same so it doesn't flicker. But still a great video. Definitely subscribing now.

  7. Picking up a G3 DV SE, complete in box with a bunch of software from original owner for only 50 bucks!

    Just found this channel, very good. Only 6k subs? Should have at least 500k with this quality.

  8. That's not actually a first generation iMac G3, which would be a Rev. A tray loading Bondi Blue. This appears to be a regular summer 2000 iMac indigo launched 2 years after the original iMac. Since it lacks firewire 400 ports, it is probably a 350MHz model.

  9. Great video man!
    Gutting that these iMacs all seem to be ticking timebombs, dead flyback transformers, dead analogue boards.
    I have three now all dead and I'm not confident enough of my electrical skills to mess around inside with that CRT, replacing the flyback transformer also looks like a nightmare to do.
    Shockingly the PowerBooks of the era seem to be amazingly robust, my lombard, pismo and wallstreet all work perfectly save for dead pram batteries which is no big deal in the grand scheme of things.

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