Top Best Card Games 2016 (iOS/Android)

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TechSome TV presents the Top Best Card Games for 2016. These are not all new games but have been chosen based on the gaming experience. Hope you like it.

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  1. Card games are unfortunately absolutely under rated!! U play something like Hearthstone or the alike and go through the tutorial u r bloody damn sure to have a smile on your face in the end
    Thanks +TechSome TV for aiding to my request, keep up the good work

  2. elder scrolls legends in my opinion outclasses hearthstone,shadowverse,duelyst,runescape legends maybe not gwent probably is on gwent level

  3. im looking for this old card battle game, turn-based with their typing red black or white orbs, one character looks like the blue Avatar from the movie. The game is no longer found in the app store i guess. Anyone knows the title?

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