Top 6 NEW Augmented Reality Games Android/iOS

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New best high graphics augmented reality (AR) Games For Android & iOS 2018

Following are games name and link:-

1)Brave Explorers:- Coming Soon

2)The Machines AR:-

3)Kidu AR:-
In android AR feature is not available right now but still good game:-


5)Zombie Gunship Revenant AR:-

6)Father io AR FPS:-

Nicolai Heidlas- Get Up:-

novos jogos para Android
안드로이드에 대한 새로운 게임
permainan baru untuk android


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  1. They should make a gun that your phone clips to and connects with a cord or clips in so buttons on the gun can be used. Also phone would be positioned as a scope so you are looking “through” it. Nice and simple and you could have a large charge pack in gun so phone battery doesnt run out. Also small blootooth speakers to talk to team mates. Would be so awesome

  2. If blizzard was to come out with a game that's a WoW at its core with the tech from Ingress and Pokemon Go i think it would be huge. Wander your town or countryside fighting murlocs, gaining levels gold and gear.. Raids at the local mall or whatever. Named mobs, elites…. I want it.

  3. it's annoying me how ppl are stupid enough to keep saying on the father game that 'you need lens' and stuff…. that would make no sense you'd have difficulty pressing the controls and you don't hold a gun on your lap, they'd need an AR type gun to hold irl so that the gun is used to shoot and you see the enemies by aiming with the phone on top of said gun, you're all retarded, it's not difficult.

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