TOP 5 Mech Games [Android/ios]

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jumping robots , fps view , flying mechs and much more !
here is a video showcasing the most trending robots wars games for both platforms ios and android .
the list of the games is as follows :
● 5 : Robokrieg :
● 4 : Crisis Action 3 :
● 3 : Metal Wars 3 :
● 2 : Battle of Titans :
( still in development process Beta but soon it will be released )
● 1 : War Robots :
Music used in this video:
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Did you see the new Raven Robot coming in the next update?
go check it out now here :



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  1. Anyone here that hasn't played war robots is missing out on a ton, I am currently on the Amazon appstore server so its really easy for me, I heard the android server is full of tankers and ptp people so I'm not planning on playing that server, but if anyone here plays war robots and is interested in talking to other people about and that needs information about the game, what to buy and what not to buy I have a group chat on Kik for that, its # is #warrobotsplayerz and it is normally pretty active.

  2. Finally a top 5 with metal wars 3. I know it was underwhelming and undercooked but i believe metal wars had real potential.. Maybe if they added co-op or pvp there would be more reason to play.

  3. Yeah! War robots is the best, battle of titans have bad graphics, but war robots have good graphics.but know the new update war robots is the champion!!!!!

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