TOP 5 CHANGES PUBG NEEDS! – Battlegrounds Update/Gameplay

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In this video I list my personal Top 5 Changes that PUBG Needs to keep growing, and to help with the “stale” feeling the game seems to have. Check out my twitch at

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  1. Proximity chat for xbox pub g. I want to taunt enemy stuck inside a house and offer to let him live if he drops all loot. Make gas cans able to explode if shot. Slower damage in final few circles. Often I have collected first aid kits off my kills but circle damage too quick to heal and get into zone. Kill cam in solo mode or viewable after team dies in squad mode. Let killers "hide" be protected for multiple kills.

  2. PUBG needs to stop adding content and fix what exists first. I think we'd all rather have a stable game rather than an unstable game with a lot of broken features.

  3. Umm man you don't know? The Red Zone only happens where there are players. So if you're not in the red circle but you have one going near you. you are 100% guaranteed there are players there. so you can use it as a secondary means to hunt players other than just plain old sight and or gun shots.

  4. Sounds like you're buying into the Reddit talk.

    That place, is a vocal minority. They don't have jobs, they play all day. That's why it's "stale."

    And that's why a lot of your points don't really answer the question of staleness. Broad ideas, borrowing systems from other games- this video isn't concise.

    Let me ask you Moses, do YOU think the game is stale?

  5. Not region control but ping lock. I live in the middle east and that means i live in Asia. My Asia ping is almost 200-300 while in EU its about a 100. So just ping lock above 200

  6. I don't agree with the region locking part. I for instance don't have local servers for my region (nothing in all of Africa ffs) and region lock would also not put into consideration people that have friends in different countries. What if I want to squad up with friends I have in NA region?

    Many games have dealt with cheaters in ways that do not involve region lock that still manage to get rid of them (and this is what Blue Hole should do). I don't think it is in anyone's part to tell others what servers they should or should not play in (especially with people with similar pings being pooled together nowadays).

  7. Region locking or ping locking won’t work, VPNs mask your location and your ping is based on the VPN’s ping. Hackers from China will still be hacking on NA servers. And ping locking brings up an issue for people with bad internet, if my ping spikes for a few minutes will I be kicked from the game? If it spikes while queueing will I be kicked from the queue?

  8. I agree that the long distance isn’t accurate to real life, but in a setting like this they have to over exaggerate ballistics physics. Sniping would become incredibly easy if actual physics were to be implemented

  9. The competitive scene is huge, tournaments are huge. However, I don’t think this game should cater to its competitive scene. Battle royal games are very determined by RNG and to make a game like pubg have ranking systems and a real competitive aspect then the RNG needs to be removed, and that would destroy the basis of this game. Counter strike and call of duty foster those who have raw aiming and movement skill. Pubg is easier for those who can move and aim but the real skill comes from those who can take the shitty RNG and work with it. I’m sorry but your ideas towards turning this game into a competitive one would ruin the casual aspects of it

  10. Was planning on watching and constructively disagreeing with at least one thing but you hit everything right on the nose.
    Redzone needs to go, it just slows everything down as people in it hide in the nearest building and occasionally kills you in a vehicle. Loot can sometimes feel really bullishitty, not sure if it actually is but on many instances i find my self scrambling for a gun of any kind and find a jacket while my opponent comes up to me with a fully decked out M4 and full armor. (Over-exaggeration i know but you get the point) Uping the loot rate and removing cosmetics could help this however i think when it comes to spawning lvl 3 items they should use caution with upping their spawn, I just wouldn't want games where literally everyone has lvl 3 gear because its that common.

    Really glad to see Bluehole implement a ping-based matchmaking system. The day prior i joined 2 matches with guaranteed hacker deaths. (They used the obvious stretchy arm hack) and since the system I haven't noticed anything sketchy and my random teammates actually speak English which is a blessing for communication.

    This was a very long comment and if you read it thats fucking dope and you deserve a donut or something. but anyways, great video!

  11. We need tertiary items like range finders and night vision if they go for night maps.

    They also need to decide where, specifically, they fall on the survival/pvp spectrum. Either add additional hazards like wildlife and natural hazards other than the red zone, or do your best to mitigate the mid game and focus on polishing the gunplay and pvp experience.

  12. even if they fixed all of the 1-4 things it would still not be an E-sports game. There's not a single game that is E-Sports supported that has elements of RNG

    You don't see Diablo or WoW raiding in E-sports for a good reason.

    Dropping into a spot with random loot and a plane which spawns in a set random direction with random Death zones and the White zone miving in random directions is not e-sports ready. you cant have all these RNG elements in a game and then decide who is better than the rest.

    I'm sorry but this game will never be e-sports. They can try all they want but it will undoubtfully fail.

  13. -optimisation
    -bring back fog but not rain
    -remove red zone its sux and add nothing
    -remove 1 hit kill sniper like aws its not fair

  14. The loot system is the nr1 priory for me in terms of overhauls, the amount of times I land and go through 5 buildings and only find a pistol is fucking infuriating. I'm not saying you should find a kar98 and a m416 and all attachments in one house but at least give me a fucking smg or an ak since the ak is so bad anyway. Just remove the clothes, add more mid-low tier weapons to the game and make sure players can get their hands on smgs and actual weapons in at the start of the map.

  15. It sounds like you need to find another game to play, with all the stuff you want to change in order to fit your needs. 😉 the looting thing, is how the game is and i believe its okay, maybe actually a bit to many guns all around. M16 is all over. Just need better mechanics to be able to hide from the guy with the gun.

    Red zone, granted. it dosnt add anything.

    I would like to see more Different buildings and sheds, with that i mean interiuers, because when you see a house as of now, you know how the insides are and even they decorations and the color on the walls.

    The competitive gameplay is a good idea.

    Something ive noticed, is that when i look at deathcams, the aim is allways off. Is that because of my ping and lag?

    Maybe Different weather, but its a huge task making that.

    Ive only played for 3 weeks, so these are the things i could come up with.

  16. The current ballistic system is working as intended with correct math. The bullet velocity stat is when the round leaves the barrel of the gun. The bullet will then slow down and drop because of the drag created by the air around it. A 4x on a 5.56 weapon feels inconsistent because the bullets slow down faster than 7.62 because they are lighter and the air has more of an effect on them. This is why it's easy to snipe with an AWM. Heavy bullet means a more predictable, and stable flight path

  17. #1 change NEEDED – fix the fucking bug where you randomly can't shoot!!!! God that shit is getting old now, it's got me killed so many times it's unreal

  18. One change I would make would be to make players that are prone in tall grass invisible if the grass does not render at that range for the other player. Their muzzle flash should still be visible if they don't have a flash hider. The same should be true for smoke grenades but this is a bit more complicated.

  19. I also think it would be interesting to have a mode where you can choose a small load-out of items to start out with. Your choice of single fire pistol, some bandages, an energy drink, and 1 grenade of your choosing. This would make your survivability on initial drop less dependent on RNG.

  20. Unlike most clickbait youtubers, you really put some serious thought into your topics and really bring some intelligent and logical thoughts to the table. Good job man you've earned a sub!

  21. I get random lag spikes when loading areas of the map when i look in a different direction. I can run on high-ultra settings and get 60fps on average but the only fix i have for it was lowering render distance but it only reduces the amount of lag spikes but makes them increase in severity. Geforce experience sets things to high-ultra so its not a issue with hardware. I also get lag spikes in the middle of firefights.

  22. I honestly only disagree with the matchmaking part. I think having a mix of good and bad (new) players is best way to keep the whole match fun and interesting. I'm pretty sure I'm still bad.

  23. Hit registration has been rougher than Pam Anderson lately. Had an instance where it was my duo and one other and a guy took 6 body shots with an sks with a level 2 vest. Blood spots and all

  24. 100000% agree. my aim is kinda flitty so i hit then miss then hit etc. with the hit reg when i hit someone in head and get body shot, or no hit at all, that gets me killed. definitely needs to be fixed and refined just so people die to less bullshit (ruins the game for us non-gods)

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