Top 10 Survival Games For Android/iOS 2018

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New best survival Build & craft games for android & iOS 2018 l VinIsHere

Brought you all some of the best survival games of this year

Following are games name & links:-


2)Just Survive:-

3)Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy:-
iOS- Coming Soon

4)Ark Mobile:-
Android- Coming Soon check news on
iOS- Beta form:-

5)Radiation Island:-
Android (Free Version)-
iOS (Paid)-

6)Stranded Without A Phone:-

7)Radiation City:-
Android (Free version)-
iOS (Paid)-

8)The Last Maverick:-
iOS- Soon
You can check raft its similar:-

9)The Outlived:-
iOS- Soon

10)Barren Roads:- Its an upcoming mmo survival game coming on both android & iOS platform
Follow his twitter so you don’t miss beta
Its close

Also one more game named
11)Day After Tomorrow- Totally deserves to be in list but beta was limited I couldn’t get in neither found any trailer for it feature

Ingame songs:-
1)Axmellow & Oshóva – Summer Nights:-
2)MBB- Arrival:-


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  2. Hey Vin, I’ve been trying to bypass Durango’s region block, but none of the VPNs I have seem to work. Which did you use? Any other answers from those who play are welcome as well.

  3. Prey Day: Survival- Craft & Zombie should be on here every one check out if you want it is only out for android so far and is only n alpha stage it ha no energy bar so you can grind freely and its easy to farm stuff ha PvP already as well clans.

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