Top 10 Most Valuable Games for the Apple II

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With the recent uptake of retro game prices, I thought a top 10 list was in order. Ebay only lists completed auctions for a short time so it’s possible one or two games slipped through the cracks. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. And then there are those "collectors" that say what they have is rare _______ <— insert bigger youtubers names in that space.

    Just the list you have is honestly mind boggling just on the prices they really went for.

  2. This is one excellent video, really enjoyed it!

    Just clarifying: these auctions were all *sold* auctions, not just completed listings? Because wow, that blue disk Akalabeth is freaking unbelievable!

  3. Given the fragility of floppy disk media, I wonder how many of those game that were sold actually work… but once you get above a certain collector's value, I doubt the bidders have any intention of actually using and playing the games, at least not from the original media.

  4. Not far from the truth. Only a few years ago Apple I's were sold for under $100k. Recently though, there was a low-serial revision 0 Apple II that sold for over $24k. That's right, an "Apple II' not I. Crazy.

  5. Good point. A lot of the sellers sold them as-is actually, so these high-spenders are apparently okay with that risk. Did you see the recent Sierra game lot that sold for $4,550? (item: 171122754164) Many of the games were in picture frames, probably never even tested.

  6. The collector's value is in visual condition and completeless of the box, manuals, media, and accessories, not really in the functionality… I've heard of incidents where the game got damaged in shipping, and the buyer had to try to explain to the seller than the box the game came in is worth a lot more than the game itself! So these high-spending collectors probably put the box in a display case and then download a free disk image of the game and play it on an emulator on their PC. 🙂

  7. Akalabeth laid the groundwork for Ultima I, and if you look at the orignal Apple II version of Ultima I's code (not the 1988 re-release), the coding for the dungeons (since that is all Akalabeth was, just a dungeon crawler) is the same as Akalabeth.

    I have the DOS version released in the late 90s in the Ultima Collection…and I'll stick with that.

  8. The list is interesting . Do all of these games have disk copies or roms that can be downloaded from the internet  so that they can be played on an emulator?

  9. Ah nothing like speculators/resellers artificially inflating the prices of retro games through the roof. Way to ruin a fun hobby collecting these. As for Akalabeth listed at 98k… sigh these resellers are buying/selling to each other to drive up the prices… its not worth it. I bought Ultima 2+3 with box/manuals/cloth map etc. in the early 2000s for $8.

  10. Thank you very much for this video, it brings back a lot of good memories. I belonged to a user group named A.U.G.E. (Apple User Group Europe), our chapter had fortnightly meetings, some 50 to 70 people attended them, and there was something new almost everytime we met. I remember utilities such as the Beagle Bros' "Bag of Tricks", "Locksmith" etc. The games of course, and even some naughty stuff such as "Animated Sex Cartoons". I think I should check if my Apple II machines and those old 5.25" floppies still work.

  11. Has anyone heard of a Apple II Clone of Zork caled Smirk, where you had to get past a Tiger to get some Rubies and kill the Smirk to get some Emeralds?

  12. There is something much more valuable – memories and fun.
    But those prices are inflated like Pamela Anderson´s breast. True is, if somebody buys this, it can be sold in the futur for even more. But I don´t have such money. And even if I had – would I buy games for such price? Hell, no!
    Thanks for really good vid!

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