Top 10 HOT Cinematic Game Trailers Android/iOS 2018 | High Graphics

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In this video we take a look at Top 10 HOT Cinematic Game Trailers Android/iOS 2018. Let us know about your favorite game in the comment section below.

Game List :

# Mabinogi: Heroes (0:00)

# Lineage M (01:54)

# Tian Xia (02:43)

# Demon Seals (04:24)

# Demon Hunter:The Adventurers (10:37)

# Kritika: The White Knights (11:56)

# Kingdom Under Fire 2 (12:31)

# Blade: Sword of Elysion (17:29)

# Taichi Panda (18:54)

# Stormfall Rise of Balur (21:16)

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  1. 1st: weapon makes no sense she had like 6 spear heads pointing back at her 2nd:Ghost rider knock off
    3rd:Assasin creed influenced costume too many smoke 4th: Demon Seal Great concept. 5th:Um, Okay. 6th:A bit over.
    7th:Maybe start with the bombing first? 8th: Sword of Elysion , It's Good 9th: Feels a bit mixed but it's fine I guess
    10th:StormFall It's Great (No, nothing to do with the sexy gear deinately NOT *looks away*)

  2. All these characters look like Kpop stars which is fucking cringe, real fighters and warriors had been through countless battles should have some sort of scars and disability on their bodies, when these donkeys in the video smooth like mother s milk, like what the actual fuck with chinese and korean developer cunts?, not to mention the armours and weapons dont actually work, huge swords are for kids, fucking stop this trend on designing, complete utter bullshit.

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