Tired of Xbox PUBG Bugs? Try This! | Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

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  1. Tencent and Light & Quantum Studio actually did a great job on seperating emulator players and mobile players. They also improved the detection system lately, so if someone try to use some sort of mapping software on their mobile devices to allow external keyboard and mouse, they will be detected as emulator players.

  2. PUBG is honestly one of the most frustrating games to play. Its as if they have one freaking developer working for their stupid 4.6billion dollar company. They are 100% going to go under because they don't give a fuck about their player base. Their updates are pointless. What do players want? New sounds or maybe a functional game. Not that hard to figure out. Bluehole is trash and i hope they go bankrupt and fortnite buys them out for less than 1/100th of their worth now.

  3. More and more players are joining. I have been playing for a few months on my iPhone 10 and the player caliber is definitely increasing. I am encountering fewer bots and more teaming squads. People that say nobody will play this game are flat out wrong.

  4. Wow look, the mobile version runs better than the og Xbox version.. and people say the og Xbox is holding this game back, yet it can run BF1 and other big multiplayer games fine. Also the fact that the mobile version will pair people together using K&M and Xbox doesn’t even do that is pathetic.

  5. If u don't have a Xbox one X this game is basically unplayable on Xbox. Miramar is horrible as a og xbox one user. Basically have to land in less populated areas because you will be waiting 30secs atleast for everything to load.

  6. In my country its impossibke to get 30 ping and 90 is normal, 80 is good and 60 youre either a millionare or live in the area with the most signal. If you complain about 60 ping you should think about people like us who get crazy exited when they get sixty and play almost all games with 90 to 110 ping.

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