THE WET SPOT #17 Minecraft Live Stream — We're Getting Crap Done!

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The Wet Spot follows the progress of a themed community build project on the Adults Only Minecraft survival server. This LIVE video series features an assortment of not-so-serious veteran Minecrafters who play the role of construction engineers sent to an alien world prior to the arrival of a large research team. Their job is to design, build, and stock a self-sufficient settlement prior to the researchers’ arrival on May 5th, 2019.

Four significant challenges face them:
1) They cannot interfere with the development of the native inhabitants (villagers).
2) Long term exposure to the planet’s sun and atmosphere is toxic.
3) There will be no resupply prior to the arrival of the anthropologists.
4) The team must complete the settlement before the researchers arrive.

Failure is not an option… but it is inevitable. Join us every Wednesday evening at 9PM eastern time to see just how true that is.

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Adults Only Minecraft is for everyone, not just adults! It provides a unique grown-up perspective that’s still family and kid friendly. In other words, while we’re exclusively BY adults, we’re FOR everybody.

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