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I bet you’ve wondered why the Inklings and Octolings die in water. Well here are a few theories (and the canon reason) that explains it with Splatoon lore, gameplay mechanics, and even some science! This is the science of Splatoon! Why do Inklings die in water? Why do Octolings die in water? Those are the questions!

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  1. Well if acid is the problem then they wouldn't have juice in their diet because stuff like orange juice is quite acidic, so is soda. So drinking juice would be more of a death sentence than drinking purified water.

  2. I think it’s the ink tank is programmed to kill respawn them for fairness. Since as stated they can stand in water.

    Or they drown cause it’s too sudden to swim because fear and they forget to turn into squid form

  3. man easy say that it not the same color,it not ink mostly it like there over weight the liquid it same when u fuel up a balloon srry the spelling with the ink that if hit other then the color it will grow so much fast then it will poop the balloon see easy n don t ask me where i get this theory i made it my self but it is real i test it but not like in splatoon it take some day course i use baby cristel

  4. Great but a couple problems:

    The sunken scroll you refer to as saying they have bones is trying to tell you they don't have bones. That's why it has dotted lines where bones would be, and

    "In the octo expansion after you tell TARTAR you want to go to the promised land, there are no checkpoints." There are, but apparently they don't work I guess? Confusing.

  5. Adding on to the last theory:
    After leaving the sea, they started to live on land therefore making their need for a direct hole from ink sack to the outside for defence useless so through the many generations, they used the hole less and less to the point where it's almost invisible to the naked eye but when water comes into the hole, it causes the ink sack to become uneasy and makes the body weak.

  6. My personal theory is that the ink-tanks and guns might be the problem. They are probably connected to the inklings/octolings body to use their ink and since they refill in ink they most likely have a draining mechanism when it is surrounded by liquid. So if just the inkling touches the water nothing happens but if the ink-drainage system of the weapon/ink-tank gets filled with water maybe its damaged from the inside and because the inkling/octoling is connecteed to they could experience an electrical shock or even just get pumped full of water so fast they explode (in this case even if the tank doesnt get damaged this could happen because water would pump faster than ink because density)

  7. Lol I just mentioned that you actually died in the Octo Expansion in a reply. But the thing is, as long as there are respawn points in the area, it is impossible for them to die.

  8. Easy enough.
    Inkling, hence the name, are just about part ink. Their bodies would most likely not contain water because they drink things unlike water. Ink can easily be washed away by water, so water would just make inklings wash away.

    Pretty dark, honestly.

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