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PUBG MK14!! PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds MK14 EBR Gameplay! The new gun “MK14 EBR” was added in the August monthly update. It’s a beast!

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Hope you enjoyed this video by EngageTutorials / Engage Tutorials


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  1. Goddamn y'all need to chill tf out, Engage, i thought this video was excellent my friend, my reason for watching was I wanted to see gameplay for this new gun, you provided EXACTLY what i wanted with a little commentary, and a little just gameplay, you showed its effective range, and damage (kinda), thankyou for making this video, smashed the like and sub button for you, hope to see some more great videos in the future, keep ya head high, don't listen to the salty children, they aint worth youre time, this was a perfectly good video

  2. "Haha am I cool yet for complaining about things that are unrelated to the video in any way shape or form?" – half of these comments

    People are sad dude lol. Keep making videos and keep turning out content. You're doing just fine

  3. Why are you being such a defensive dick to people? I mean I've seen alot of these smaller channels with sub 100k subs bashing anyone commenting even a little negative about their video. You aren't going to go anywhere if you just keep bashing the community around like trash… Don't take everything personally and immediately start throwing comebacks at them. Your'e acting childish.

  4. So in a gameplay video you wait 55 seconds in, nearly a forth of the entire video, to show game play.

    You deserve the hate you're getting.

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