The 2017 ULTRAWIDE Monitor Buyers Guide

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Ultrawide gaming is great, but what monitor should you buy? I hope this video clears some things up. Here’s my personal Ultrawide monitor choices for 2017.
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Want to jump to a specific price category? Here you go:

– Category 1: 150-250$ at 02:42
– Category 2: 300-450$ at 03:45
– Category 3: 550-800$ at 05:15
– Category 4: 900-1100$ at 08:42
– Category 5: 1300+$ at 10:48


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  1. If anyone's here late 2017 there's the Acer Z35P, has significant issues. Otherwise keep that money saved for Asus's ROG SWIFT PG35VQ releasing near year's end or I'm hearing Q2 '18

  2. so 2017 and TN panels aren't cool any more? I've heard newer TN's have improved colors and who cares about viewing angles really…

  3. I don't even have a gaming PC but I love the look of these, is it a stupid idea to grab one of these if all you want to do is browse the internet and watch movies?

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