Super Mario Maker: Fire and APPLE JUICE – PART 49 – Game Grumps

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Things are getting hot and juicy!
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  1. Just so you all know the Oh hopeless nights mrs nustitstofiles or what ever form Def Leppard is "We we're fighting gods of war" but played backwards

  2. It's Otis Redding's song, Too Hot to Handle. He says, "Honey, I'll light your candle 'cause mama I'm too hot to handle now. Ask around"

  3. Sometimes I watch the Game Grumps' videos and I feel really bad for people who can't hear because there's no way in hell that their nonsense is picked up by auto-generated captions.

  4. i am currently marathoning this series and i just noticed this is the first episode to not have more than a million views bruh this series really was a success

  5. If you listen to the song "Lotion" by the Deftones, it sounds like he's saying "I"m MEEEEEEXICAN!" and Idr when but later in the song at one point sounds like he says "I don't care if Michael Jackson gives a f*ck". Lmao

  6. I kind of feel like saying "I'm on my way out." Puts you, or the others at the party really, in another awkward situation where you have to commit to the fact that you're leaving. If you don't leave, then people will still be thinking "Didn't this guy say he had to leave or something?" You know?

    Ooo, man, I really felt that pain when Dan mentioned "Balls clacking my balls, like a business man's ball clacker thing (or whatever)."

  7. m8, whenever i listen to Feel Good Inc. and the guy said "don't stop, get it, get it" I pretty much always mishear it as "don't stop shitty titty" and i die every time

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