Sonic in JAWS

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A video like Sonic in JAWS is a relic of the old days of YouTube. It’s probably plagued your recommended videos one time or another, but you still clicked it our of curiosity or just to dislike it! It has not aged well at all, but millions of people still enjoy the classic video of Sonic battling a great white shark.

Based on the hit film JAWS, Sonic in JAWS is a simple re-telling of the original movie except with Sonic inserted because why not.

According to Google this is the #1 Sonic video of all time on YouTube:

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  1. This was the video that got me hooked to this guy’s videos back then… thanks for the childhood YouTube memories Steve. You’re probably my favorite Sonic YouTuber.

  2. Wait… Don't Orcas eat sharks by ramming their gills then flipping them over, putting the shark into tonic stasis choking the shark to death? Sorry bit nit picky, is good video, but orcas are the apex predators of the sea not the great white.

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