Sneakers for the Apple II

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Atari 8-bit

Game description:

“Sneakers” is a variation on Atari’s classic Space Invaders. Move your ship to the left and to the right and shoot enemies who try to fall down and kill you. There are eight types of enemies, each one using a different tactic to destroy you. You start with the relatively harmless Sneakers and gradually work your way through Cyclops, Saucers, Fangs, H-Wings, Meteors, Scrambles, and Scrubs. After you finish off the Scrubs, you proceed to level 2, which follows the same pattern, but with an increased difficulty level.

What I think:

A nice game actually, but I wish you could shoot faster, or at least left and right…


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  1. Thanks for uploading this. Tom Hall (from ID Software, Apogee, etc) created a pseudo sequel to this game called "Legend of the Star Axe" to serve as kind of a homage to it. It was released for the Apple IIGS in 1990. I made a review of it, you should check it out…

  2. A little background … this game was largely written at home, in his parent's basement, by the creator. Back in the early 1980's game creators usually did the art, sound, all animation, etc. rather than be part of a company development team. This was his first game in an era when a game like this was cutting edge and it sold very, very well. Subsequent titles by Mark Turmell show an increasing quality .. eventually Mark would go on to write and produce NBA Jam.

  3. When you see reviews on MobyGames stating 'The game is Perfect', & ' This is the Alphabet of all games' you realise it only takes a little to impress people. Not a bad shooter for the time.

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