1. I was playing it at 3.2 MHz. I find just a little boost is all I need for smooth game play, although the intro is still very choppy, especially on a stock machine. For the more skilled gamer, I'd recommend increasing the CPU to around 10MHz, but that is far beyond my skill level. 🙂

  2. Yes, the Sega CD game was a sequel (or maybe a remake?). I believe one recently came out for the Xbox 360 called Project Sylpheed, although I've never played it. The original Silpheed came out in 1986 for the NEC PC-8801, an 8-bit Japanese computer.

  3. The Sega CD version of this is awesome!! I think it's the first time I have ever heard someone swear in a game. The music is great, and it is even done in stereo. Worth owning for sure.

  4. While the IIgs version has much better sound effects, the DOS version with a MT-32 attached has much better music. The IIgs soundtrack is much more true to the original version though. Its also one of the very few games that use the 640×200 video mode.

  5. Better is certainly relative. A stock IIGS (2.8MHz) is much slower than the stock PCs of the time so playability-wise the PC wins. However, unless you had an MT-32 and Soundblaster, the PC lacked severely in the sound department. Silpheed on the IIGS had stereo music and sound as well as speech synthesis. Regarding the Sega CD version, regretfully I've never played it but from what I've heard it's fantastic!

  6. Ha, I did too until I starting watching reviews on it and noticed everyone was calling it "sil-feed" so I figured they must be right. Kind of like how I always pronounced Ryu and "Rye-you" until everyone said 'No, it's Ree-you".

  7. Agreed. The lack of true sound effects and speech synthesis are the only downside, but I believe there was a later 1990 DOS release that supported Soundblaster. I suppose in the end in comes down to personal taste.

  8. Most of the time, when someone says that an older video game track is the best ever, it's usually not bad, but it's clear that nostalgia is coloring their opinions. That is not the case here!

  9. Haha, I went searching for this comment while bobbing my head to the credit music. I knew something was up because, yeah, the intro is practically unendurable without some acceleration.

    Played this for the first time since I was about 9 or 10 last year and I completely agree: it holds up great!

  10. Very interesting review, I remember seeing this game back in the day, maybe in Sierra catalogues, but I never actually played it (same with Thexter).

  11. Played this game so much as a child, it was unhealthy. Fantastic game though. The boss music (and the bosses themselves) were so freakin' cool. Finished it many times, but I never finished Thexder. I found Thexder totally impossible!

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