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  1. Wait wait wait… People pay him, to watch him? Aaaaaaaah hahaha, the world's fooling mental!

    Yeah sweet, pay day! Whoop! Noooow how should I spend this hard earned cash? Hmmm? Ah, I know! I'll pay to watch someone play PUBG. I mean, I don't have to but I will. It makes sense right? Yeah, yeah, it definitely does. I could spend it on myself but that would be fooking stupid. I'm better off giving it to some random. After all I can look back when I'm 60yrs old and say "I'm so happy I gave money to the computer kid, he's living the dream because of folk like me. Ah man not again, I need someone to wipe my ass".


  2. Old map feels like absolute trash to me now tbh. I just dodge it everytime since it's a simple dice roll every game if you get the correct loot or not. Not to mention the forest fighting is the most frustrating thing on steam, constantly having to struggle with the impossible task to keep every direction covered because you can be shot from anywhere at all times. smaller circles giving huge advantages to people who happened to be in the right spot. Only places that have usable loot are places everyone drops

    New map tho. Oh boy it's perfect for me, i can practically land anywhere i want and get loot i can carry into lategame meaning i don't have to race 20 other dudes in a city to see who can get the gun first and pray i come out on top. There are hills and mountains to provide me with some form of cover everywhere. Never felt the final zones are not an even playing field, none of that "one guy gets the cover while the other has to charge him accross an open field" bullshit. No annoying grass and shadows to make people invisible while they prone waiting for someone to happen by

    Basically i get to get the gear and shoot people in what feels like a fair environment every game instead of cycling through 20 games of Erangel before i feel like i can go for a chicken dinner.

  3. I dont mind this map, but the ratio of play is so off we have to play eight of these maps to get back to the OG. And eight is the average we have done 14 games before getting the OG and that sucks because most of the time if you want to win it will take at least 15 minutes before your first engagement if your lucky, and then usually that means getting shot in the back.

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