Shroud Reacts And Plays PUBG Best Update Ever (Battle Pass, New Map, Mini Royale, New gun AND MORE!)

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  1. Damn I was cool with Shroud till he went all; "I love microtransations. Fuck all y'all who can't afford it." I'm pretty sure most of his money was donated to him by fans too.

  2. Try to ignore the battle pass if you don't like it. If people want to buy it, be happy! They give Pubg Corp. More money, which can only be positive!!! And it doesn't give the payers adventages! For a business to keep going you need constant income!!! And on site note, the 'battlepass' consept is very old, don't say the copiednit from fort, i hate seeing that bs

  3. Shroud says that micro transactions help people look unique and shows that people care about it. Back in the day you could unlock cosmetic items by PLAYING. You would have to grind for hours and hours to stand out. Showing true dedication.

  4. Microtransactions in PUBG are purely optional and you're not paying for power. If you don't have/want to put out cash for shit, don't. But we support the developers with our cash. It's not all "Fuck EA".

  5. Sad, just sad. Even ppl like shroud don't have a clue how butthole just wanna grab more and more money, just to do nothing with it. Lost all my respect for him within 1 minute.
    And for all of u smart asses who say "u dont have to buy it blah blah" – u dont get it either. It's because of ppl like shroud and all these fanboys without brain that shit like bugG still exists.
    Can't wait for ION, so u retarded kids can play bugG and real gamers can play ION. A game made with unreal 4 engine (like bugG) but with a REAL dev team and actually working servers.

  6. What I’m very confused on, is how people say “PUBG is copying Fortnite” WHEN FORTNITE RIPPED THE WHOLE BATTLE ROYALE IDEA AND MOST OF ITS FEATURES FROM PUBG

  7. Hey Shroud,take pubg's dick out of your mouth! Sorry your shitty unoptimized glitchy bugged game is getting steamrolled by fortnite, but we all can't afford a shit event pass like you who receives donations all day from sitting on your ass.

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