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Hello If you liked the content for the past month I will be uploading from another channel now see you there! :
At the end the stream dropped so no footage :/ but still Enjoy ^_^!
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➡ (Disclaimer) I do not own vods. Everything uploaded to this channel is for promotion & entertainment reasons only. If any streamer or label has an issue with any of uploads please get in contact ( it will be deleted immediately. There is no need to strike or flag us as I can sort the issue out quickly.


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  1. I hate watching shroud play pubg. People don't even try to kill him they just want him to kill them. It's boring. Maybe if he changed his name so people didn't lay down for him cause it's shroud.

  2. I can just tell that people like yourself cannot do anything in real life have absolutely no skill all you do is just sit on your f**** skinny Mountain Dew swelling ass shooting make-believe people then you go to your job that involves absolutely no skill and he come home to your have fast disgusting wife or girlfriend easy frozen pizza and then go sit on your ass again

  3. People play video games that have the same goal which is just killing each other and they plan over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again have absolutely no f**** mind

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