Shroud and Chad | 43 Kills | PUBG (New Map: Sanhok)

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– onesixtwo (20 kills)
– lejj (23 kills)

Date: 11/05/2018.

Shroud’s Twitch channel:
Shroud’s YouTube channel:

Chad’s Twitch channel:
Chad’s YouTube channel:


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  1. Man ive played like 50 pubg games and never gotten above 10 kills, first video i click and 43 kills wtf, i know its shroud but he makes it look so easy, hopefully there are only a handful of players like him in pubg cause otherwise whats teh point lol.

  2. I probably just cant see the guy at 8:05, but you guys be the judge. I know he hears him from the shots but what is this pre firing into the treeline XD. He says i see him now.. i mean i hear him. pew pew pew shoots the guy. I love shroud but honestly ive watched this clip so many times trying to figure out how he knew to pre fire here? like maybe using a wallhack and just playing it off? I mean I cannot see the guy at all as he runs for the drop until his dead body falls through the treeline because hed been shot 10 times already.

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