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With the recent news that Nintendo is partnering with mobile game maker DeNA, one Game Scoop! fan wonders if Apple would have been a better choice.


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  1. Should have partnered with Microsoft, they know how to make console franchise work on a mobile devise. just look at spartan assault. 

  2. Instead of doing more for the fan base like microsoft.Just look at what they have done to FIX things.Nintendo wont do that they will never be humble.

  3. Nintendo should never partner with an American company of greed.

    Keep it japanese, because we all know when Americans touch something, they'll curse it and make it shit. Thats why nobody drives their shitty cars or plays the Xbox.

    Grabs Popcorn

  4. Not a bad idea if it went down like Microsoft and the Dreamcast but other than that I wouldn't want Apple fucking Nintendo up to much. As far as Disney buying Nintendo if that happened I would kill myself now, that would mean 3 of the biggest things that had an impact on my as a child would be owned by the evil mouse. (Star Wars, Marvel and Nintendo)

  5. Nintendo is partnering with apple sort of. apple and Pixar are both were both connected because of Steve jobs when disney bought Pixar Steve jobs became the biggest shareholder in disney. 7.6% or something. and I think apple and disney or "friends"

  6. I think it's a smart business decision and to stay updated and relevant in today's video game world.Apple is a well known brand that has made billions of dollars with I phones ipod laptop and etc…hey is Microsoft has Xbox and Playstation has Sony why not nintendo partner up with apple?sounds smart

  7. Nintendo needs money.
    Nintendo partnering with ;DENA doesn't mean that super Mario games are going to appear on the mobile stores.

    In my opinion, I think this helps Nintendo expand their ideas and little projects to make money to support their bigger projects on the console such as other games of the other franchises (Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, ect.)

    I don't think any of the console franchises will be crossed over to Apple. But that new franchises will be created mobile exclusive

  8. Nintendo should not partner with apple. No one should partner with Apple. Then your content would only be available for iphone. FYI developers the majority of cell phone users do not use iphones. Android is the way to go. So they should definetly not have partnered with apple that way the games will not be exclusive to iphone now

  9. I'd enjoy Nintendo getting taken over by another company.  Nintendo's isolationist tenancies and backwards thinking are destructive and ruin their presence.   That and they don't seem to give a rats ass about older fans of pokemon,  maybe under new management we could see something like the full scale pokemon MMO almost every pokemon fan from those times has wanted since forever.

  10. When in doubt always partner with the largest powerhouse. Apple being one of them, although android users would lose access but people that own iPhones generally won't care I guess.

  11. Top 5 games that need to happen on Wii U;

    5: Super Mario Strikers U
    4: Super Yoshi Galaxy
    3: Sonic Party
    2: Luigi's Mansion 3: Wii U
    1: Super Mario Galaxy U

  12. The one thing i want from nintendo is a good Pokemon game that is made with graphics and game play similar to games such as Destiny, GTA and other epic games. I mean world, graphics, freedom and other Pokemon related game specs. Would be so cool to play it like that.

  13. For years now, one of the important things about Nintendo has been that the hardware their games are available for is inexpensive. That would not be possible with an Apple partnership in place. Apple products are priced highly and they've always been.

  14. I wouldn't be against a Disney and Nintendo partnership. Just imagine Smash bros NX with all the Mickey mouse characters mixed with a little star wars!

  15. Nintendo have worked with disney before, nintendo had the exclusive rights for disney hanafuda cards in japan in the 1960s, they sold incredibly well too.

  16. what people need to put in to consideration is that in a few years Nintendo will die form not being technically relevant. unlike the Xbox and PlayStation Nintendo has no back up.

    Apple could fix all of that

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