Seafox for the Apple II

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Came also out for:

Atari 8-bit
Commodore 64

Game description:

In Seafox, you control a submarine that must kill all hostile ships above and below the water. You have two types of torpedoes: one that fires to the right and one that fires up. You have a limited number of torpedoes and fuel units, so when you are running low be sure to watch for the green supply ship to release the dolphin that brings you fresh supplies.

The enemies are varied and numerous. Enemy submarines pursue you below the water, and enemy destroyers on the surface can drop depth charges that slowly sink to the bottom and are deadly to the touch. You must also watch out for your own torpedoes, because there are certain ships on the surface that are immune to your fire and reflect your torpedoes back down at you.

You can control your submarine with either joystick or keyboard.

What I think:

Certainly not a bad game, but I wish I could shoot faster and I wish I could see how many ships are left to be destoryed.


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  1. i didn't know they made Seafox on the apple ii !… but i have it for my c64 & on my
    laptop computer (emulator)… used to play it for hours on the c-64 back in 1985!!
    still play it on my PC… just played it last night.. 6/10/2014!  🙂  still a fun game after
    all the years…. c-64 graphics are a lot diff. & better!  tried to find someone that had
    on on YOU TUBE….  maybe i''ll do one for you guys to show u that it has 6 levels…
    how do i make a video of playing the game tho?  never done it yet… is it easy?
    thanks… later all!

  2. Cool game, I see Broderbund recycled sounds like Williams did in the 80's. SeaFox has a lot of the same sounds used in Star Blazer! Score board on the bottom looks the same as well…

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