SeaDragon for the Apple II

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Came also out for:

Atari 8-bit
Commodore 64
TRS-80 CoCo

Game description:

Sea Dragon is an arcade style side scrolling shooter. You pilot a submarine through treacherous underwater caves in an attempt to destroy a heavily guarded reactor. Mines, gun turrets, and a variety of enemies make the mission very difficult! The submarine is armed with missiles, torpedoes, and a ‘Big Kill’ weapon (this affects everything onscreen) to help in your mission. The air supply is limited, so when possible you will need to surface to replenish your air supply.

What I think:

Really hard game, but that makes it addictive.


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  1. Did you ever complete this? I could only ever get about 1/3 through. There was more speech in the version that I had. When you started the game it'd say "Ok captain, the ship's computer is now ready. Please wait while I initialize the systems", and "air level critical!" and "approaching maximum damage" when you were in serious strife.

  2. what happened to "how do captain…please wait while i initialize the ships systems"? its just b4 the two two alert. i wanted to sample that for so long lol

  3. My copy of this game was corrupt in a fashion which caused the "Sea Dragon!" yell to come out as more a cacophony of explosive digital noise.

  4. When my best friend and I played this game in those glorious days, we could only understand the words, 'Seeeeaaaaa Dragonnnnn'.  The rest of the speech sounded like incomprehensible blorping due to some strange distortion.  It wasn't until 20+ years later that I read the wiki article and finally understood what was being said.

  5. i remember the loading part where a deep male voice exclaiming sea dragon ! came on. it was really funny..and novelty back in 84. i used an apple II clone called cubic 99.

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