PUBG Xbox: Weekly Update #15 Patch Notes – Team Kill Reporting, Miramar Crashing, Bug Fixes!

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Welcome back to Lunargaming! Today, we go over all the new PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) news Update and talk about what it means for PS4 & XB1.
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PUBG Patch Notes –

In this news video we are once again going over the latest fps and battle royale news for Xbox one and PlayStation 4. Today we are looking at the latest info for PUBG on Xbox One, including the latest patch notes adding a new report function for team killing, improvements to Miramar and fixes to bugs and performance. Drop the video a like rating if you enjoyed and subscribe to my channel for more PUBG guides, gameplay & news update videos: D

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  1. Came home from a 12 hour work day. Heard patch 15 came out. Downloaded it, played 7 games so far and my game has crashed 11 times. This is a fucking joke at this point. Blueballs have zero clue on what they're doing! What a joke.

  2. I bet when this game gets 60fps and huge optimization. People will still find a way to bash on it just to hop on the bandwagon and not have a brain of their own.

  3. Can someone in the comments please explain why Fortnite is better than Pubg? Fortnite and pubg both have 100 players on one map, yet fortnite is optimized more efficiently than pubg on console. I don’t get it.

  4. Yeah, of course the game is shit, and it will probably remain that way for many years. But the creators do not seem to realize that people are not gonna wait five years for some shitty battle royale game to finish, while there will be games that are much better than both Pubg and Fortnite in the future.

  5. H1Z1 PS4 = 60 fps + free
    Pubg Xbox = 30 fps + $30 + $60 Xbox gold

  6. Game is still broken, I'm sorry but enough is enough, nothing ever gets better it just gets worse, love this game but it's been out since November 17 , 8 months ago and no real changes, I'm done with this ,

  7. Good thing that 10g patch fixed literally none of the issues that matter. Hard to play a game that keeps crashing, but good thing that second map got added, now you can stare at some nice desert vistas when your game is frozen.

  8. You say May 5th at end. I have had zero crashes since update 15. But did play about 16 matches last night and everyone of them was on Erangal. Thought I’d got a duff update but I did see Miramar this morning so I was happy to see it.

  9. I feel like a report for teamkilling needs to be reviewed not just report and expect action. Its not always done on purpose and the other problem with all this is that there are far too many people who play without a microphone.

  10. I'm still playing this game on my Xbox One X but I'm starting to freaking hate it now. It freezes mid game and then backs me out the game!!!!!!!!!! Shit is annoying. Unplayable!!

  11. 9.18 gbs of the same broke game. Plane is not loaded play squads and I got to have somebody tell me when to jump Buildings aren't loaded, guys game crashes while I'm in the vehicle going in circles or teammate walks off into the blue, stuttering frames in battle and I don't know if it's me but when I use the 8x I think I see people behind the rocks because I shoot and adjust aim and shoot and they just crouch there unphased, this all happened last night the patch is garbage you can't play a whole match without some pubg bullshit going down

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