PUBG Xbox Update 13 Patch Notes and Gameplay – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

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Patch notes:


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  1. So I played the game today on my Xbox one S and when I land I still sometimes get into a situation where I touchdown near a building and the surrounding area is not fully rendered. I then wait a few seconds, open the door, go inside, and then it is still not fully rendered inside buildings… I’m pretty sure the patch was installed automatically. Can anyone comment on it?

  2. You have to be playing on the regular Xbox one. I have the X and this has been the worst patch by far. Constant frame drop at all times. Huge input lag. I've been watching 4 different streamers and they confirm the same thing. Hopefully they revert this patch

  3. Why can’t they update Xbox one and Xbox one S graphics for the game? Its so much better on the X. Can’t they just update the graphics for the S? By the looks of it, that is not the best graphics an Xbox one s and give.

  4. I think they weakend the scar and m4, It took like 7 clean shots to down people, the response on the controller has gotten worse for some functions like down on the dpad, reload and weapon switch. They say the update was around 5gb but mine was only 89mb. Is that the problem?

  5. I’m on the original Xbox one and my game literally crashes like once every two weeks. Idk about everyone else but nobody in my squad really has that problem

  6. I never and alot of my friends that have pubg never had the option to update the game. Is this just for test servers for now? Or is it out live for everyone??

  7. I can't belive there are people dumb enaugh to buy the One-X just so you can play this shit version of pubg. Go get a pc instead you fools.

  8. The game still needs alot of work game is still dropping frames like crazy don't see any difference will be playing fortnight until game runs on Xbox like it runs on pc

  9. The crashes makes me not want to play the stupid game. I'll loot and fight for a long time make it to top 15 and disconnect. It's something that needs to be fixed asap.

  10. I know what u mean about bullets not hitting ppl it was doing that to me first few games I had was shooting somone right Infront of me , crosshairs where bang on him yet no shots where hitting him deffo a problem with the game . I know I'm not that bad at shooting lol

  11. This new update helped me a lot. Input lag was my biggest issue. Got my first chicken dinner last night from it being reduced.

  12. this game is cancer with aids it will never be fixed. xbox is garbage it cant run the game even if it was fixed. this is just like ark survival dont get any game using the UNREAL GAME ENGINE

  13. Update did absolutely nothing runs worse for me now on the X putting 10 billi9n rounds into someone they turn around and 1 shot me and all my rounds hit can see the green blood squirting out had to get a refund for this

  14. Why does it seem the aiming is ridiculously fast now? I lightly touch the joystick on default and the reticle flys across the screen.

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