PUBG Xbox TEST SERVER UPDATE – New Settings, Scopes & More – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

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PUBG Xbox Test Server Patch Notes:


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More on Sensitivity –

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  1. I think 0 aim acceleration is actually off, it’s not full aim acceleration it’s just super fast cuz it’s off and they need to fix how fast the sens is with it at 0. And if you set it to 10 it’s still on it just takes a while to activate but if you spin in circles you’ll see it kick in.

  2. Wow I was not expecting this in the month of may we have 30fps locked better graphics, emotes , a new ui, Mirimar, anew test server, new scopes, new cosmetics all Xbox needs now is gun balances a new game mode weapon skins the slr and an updated test server and were the exact same as pc except we have 30 FPS and they have more but that’s not the point

  3. I really appreciate that you are so anti Mouse and Keyboard. To me, I agree. It is so unfair for somebody to have precise aim ability over the rest of us using controller. Especially since the creators have flat out stated that M&K was never intended for Xbox play and that they are working to eliminate it.

  4. Is anyone else experiencing horrible lag on the test server especially towards end-game in squads? I haven't had a problem in solo but squad was nearly unplayable.

  5. I don't know why but before this update i loved the test servers i had all my settings perfect and now that they changed everything AGAIN i can't hit anything!!! I was playing one man squad before killing teams by myself now I'm lucky to kill anybody

  6. My one question for this console game is wtf do you have to tap the left trigger to aim down the sights ? That’s the real problem getting used to that is annoying and the game lags a lot feel like .. help

  7. The aim acceleration values were incremented by one so whatever you had it on previously should be moved up one e.g. zero should now be one. Zero has a new value which is now off as apparently it never truly was (other sensitivities would need modified to accommodate this).

  8. Happy with updates so far, frame rate still not near stable. I still think they need to get 60FPS.

    Well done to Blue Hole at the moment though. Keep it up!

  9. Why do they have an advanced option!?? can someone tell me what it might become because it has nothing under it. maybe a vsync option unlocked FR ? hdr options? idk hopefully

  10. This is all well and good for X box X but Wat about the X box one we got shit lol not even a new map yet the mobile version is better than the X box one version and it's free the need to really think about upgrading the X box one as not everyone has jumped over to it yet lol

  11. Is the test server already finished for Xbox? I just heard about this now and I installed it just for it to say that the test server is offline. If it is offline for good when will this update come out officially for Xbox?

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