PUBG Xbox: Server Issues, May Update Sensitivity settings, Console Controls!

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Welcome back to Lunargaming! Today, we go over all the new PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) news Update and talk about what it means for PS4 & XB1.
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In this news video we are once again going over the latest fps and battle royale news for Xbox one and PlayStation 4. Today we are looking at the latest server issues causing problems in the game, looking over the latest sensitivity settings and discussing if the game released too early. Drop the video a like rating if you enjoyed and subscribe to my channel for more PUBG guides, gameplay & news update videos: D

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  1. I'm tired of these people complaining about this game man it's a fuckin great game and it's fun despite the bugs people just refuse to admit they got beat by a better player or a bad situation so they blame "hit reg" or desynch you all sound like Dr disrespect after every death this isn't call of duty you can't just buy it and learn it in ten minutes this game has a massive learning curve

  2. The fucking devs forgot to mention the fact you can't back out of a match after dying, you have to restart the whole game. New update= broken game. I thought Koreans were supposed to be smart

  3. Honestly game is worse for first 10 seconds with rubber banding not always tho the rest feels great with xbox one x. However my mates with the one s have it worse for the first 30 seconds of the game with the buildings taking longer than before to render and also with rubber banding…

  4. As a long time PUBG fan i can't touch this pathetic excuse of a video game anymore. I'm tired of dropping in and rubberbanding for 60 seconds to 2-3minutes and by that time you're either dead or out looted. It's fucking ridiculous how backwards this game is going. This is bringing back terrible moments during the MCC (Master Chief Collection) disaster. I can't take it anymore, I'm tired of getting bullshitted in every update they release and I'm tired of broken promises along with broken updates. The PTSD server showed it going backwards 110% and it's a shame to see a great game with a great future get ruined this way. GG BugG, I'm out✌

  5. You said “Over The Shoulder” is the same as ADS, but it’s not… It’s hip fire. Which it’s dumb to call it “over the shoulder” because in FPP it’s just plain hip fire… Oh well, like u said the game is broke now anyway!

  6. They made an update that made the game worse.. I rarely see that or at least not on this scale.. they fucked it up bad ..there's no buildings when you drop in for up to a minute and a half and you have frame drop for about 20 to 15 seconds where you can't move while people around you are looting….

  7. can sum1 explain to me « why the fuck graphic rendering aint the 1st thing on the list »?????who the fuck cares about these « Mickey Mouse » updates when we cant get god damn graphics working like a mother fukin game suppose to..I aint no video game engineer but is it too much to ask for jesus christ.sry for the language but thats how pissed I am….

  8. Man this game is so broken, I just built a PC and got it there, it's night and day, just basics like DC should be fixed by now… Should fix basic fault before adding content.. I am so unsatisfied with it Im even playing D2 over this game atm!

  9. It is so annoying. You wait like 10min to get a game started. By that time nothing loaded on the map. And when you drive you get kicked. Thanks Blueballs.

  10. I encountered a serious bug yesterday I couldn’t move forward or backward only sideways it happened in the final circles and seriously screwed up my game can you please pin and like this comment so someone hopefully sees it please!

  11. For everyone whom purchased Player Battle Grounds Unknown. We should get together and file an class action law suit against this company on the bases of Fraud, misrepresentation for failure to meet our expectations and blow standard game play.

    You should be giving all purchased of this game a full refund.

  12. Worst update ever…..they fucked up the game ,im on xbox one x and now it crashes every 2 games….framedrop even slow loads…..this was no isues before…im 91 now in eu ranking with over 4000 thinking of quiting ….

  13. This update for me has been HORRIBLE! The rubber banding the map not rendering, the crashes It's just to much And to often. It feels like playing pubg for the first time again. The game was a lot better before the update. Don't get me wrong, the optimization is great with the new scopes but if your going to due a major update atlleast have the game play as it was before. I hope it gets fixed soon because I'm at the point where it's to frustrating to play at times.

  14. Glad I uninstalled had a feeling this update wouldn't fix real issues haven't touch it in months and more than likely never will until it's an actual playable game.

  15. I understand the game is not finished but , FUCK! every time they fix something they mess up 2 more things lol also anyone have problems with hackers? I feel like I have been running into a lot lately.

  16. The whole game is unplayable. I haven’t played pubg for a while but I can tell you that they dumb down the mechanics. It isn’t smooth when you fire or aim. Tbh it feels like I’m playing a different game and it isn’t pubg anymore.I like the old update better.

  17. I'm 2 weeks Noob here & I played 1 week then the update….lmao, this has been very difficult but the
    worst thing of all Is when I've dialed it in where I should be almost equal to others…..I have found
    many who are using other methods than a controller like me. This gives an unfair advantage but I
    won't call it a "cheat" because we all can buy what they have too….I have a hand injury which means
    no K&M for me…..We must outsmart them, get the drop(headshot them) & run like hell at other times

  18. The update has fucked this game completely dude. Sensitivity was better before the change. Guns seemed to kill better. Both maps now lag when you drop. They need to go back to the old update before the map

  19. The H1Z1 developer said, He really wanted to take their time with the transition to console. PUBG really didn't understand how to put a game on console. I think they were nervous about Fortnite, so they rushed it.

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