PUBG Xbox: Next Weekly Update “Soon”, Roadmap, Desert Map & More!

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Welcome back to Lunargaming! Today, we go over all the new PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) news Update and talk about what it means for Xbox One & PS4.
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Patch Notes –

In this Playerunknowns Battlegrounds video, we are going to be once again going over the latest Xbox and ps4 news. I wanted to talk about in this one the next update for the game, the road map, when will we see the desert map, what are my current sensitivity settings, what new videos am i making this month and a channel update. Drop the video a like rating if you enjoyed and subscribe to my channel for more PUBG guides, gameplay & news update videos: D

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  1. We need anti cheat on Xbox seriously, got killed by a “[Nick]2533274932…” on Xbox One.
    1. You can’t have brackets or periods in your gamertag
    2. It’s too many characters (more than 16)

    EDIT: he also took no damage

  2. They said they fixed the Red Dot and Holo Sight as well as the 2x in one of the updates but thry didn't fix shit and that think the problem has been resolved, lazy ass fuckers.

  3. Controller setting type B is the best tip could give for those asking for tips in the comments. And play claw when looting. Having your index finger free allowing you to use x y a and b without moving your thumbs makes for some pretty fast looting. If you don't know what claw is look it up on YouTube. Also I set my Deadzone to 0 and keep all my sensitivities at 1 higher than default (6). Don't be afraid to soundwhore players with a headset either. Can't even explain how many times I hop on pubg and run into a building with closed doors only to stumble across some sweat in a corner just listening to me run around until I walk in front of his patient ass. Lastly, just have fun with it. Playing angry is only gonna make things worse. Keep in mind I just explained what changed my Pubg experience, don't be talkin shit to me because you tried my methods and got smakerdoodled.

  4. It’s starting become a fucking joke, pull your fingers outta your ass bluehole and is an update, vehicles are un drive able and I’m sick of the game crashing, I’ll never go to fortnight but if there’s nothing decent done by the end of March I’m uninstalling this shit

  5. Last time I ran this game on Xbox I was getting 10 frames per second. Why pay 500 dollars for a console and settle for trash like this? You console gamers deserve a better experience than this.

  6. FUCK ANYTHING THAT'S NEW CONTENT ALREADY, WE ON CONSOLE DO NOT NEED THAT! WE NEED IT TO RUN SMOOTHER, AND BETTER. It's really nice to have new shit to mess around with, but fuck that, make the game work right.

  7. Seems to me that early on in Xbox release BlueHole was on the ball with updates making the game better but lately have been to busy counting & rolling in their $ to really be working as hard. I love this game but if things don't change a year or so from now we'll all be talking about yeah you remember PubG it started the battle Royale genre but fell off, yeah it was cool but now (blank) is better. Which ever game that gets put out by a team thats actually optimized & better then the mess that's currently PubG will take the genre & market by storm & PubG will be a memory & I really hope that doesn't happen because as stated I love & have put so much time into this game but it's inevitable if things don't improve.

  8. Everyone comparing fornite to pubg or vice versa is stupid. One is a fully released game and the other is a game preview. Of course fornite is gonna have better fps. Before you buy pubg it clearly tells you that it's a unfinished game and is in development

  9. The last patch before the last fixed the crashing then the car uber fkn nerf added crash n game breaking bugs in as well Smh. they need fix the cars idc If there weaker just don't make us take such ridiculous high dmg from 2mph drive over bumps in the road hurts entire team. ugh so dumb makes no sense. ya car metas fixed so they can quietly buff them back now!

  10. I'd love a shot indicator or at least show us where the person was that killed us. Tired of shots out of nowhere no clue where they even came from when I'm dead

  11. Hello everyone. I am right now building from the ground up my YouTube channel called “Zanatos Gaming” for PUBG on Xbox one X content. I would appreciate if y’all come and check it out. Any support is appreciate it and you’re more than welcomed to game with me and be a part of my Top 5 plays montages. Keep in mind I’m only starting up so right now my quality is not the greatest but with support from subscribers I’ll invest on elgato and more editing software to make better content. Also you can follow me on Twitter @Zanatos16 For updates and to know when I’ll be online to play with me. Thanks!

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