PUBG Xbox BIGGEST UPDATE YET! First Win After Update! (I LOVE the new Scopes!)

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•14 KILL SOLO WIN on the NEW MAP in PUBG Xbox! (FULL GAME talk through)

May Update Patch Notes!

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  1. Zaastro:

    I honestly wouldn't mind, watching full videos without any cuts. That being said, I think it helps players like myself that aren't as good, learn more by watching the decisions you make.

  2. Im done with pubg. This last xbox update has made the game unplayable for me. Invisible buildings, 3 crashes a game, horrible hit detection, and clunky aiming is too much for me now. Top 1000 player signing off for the very last time. Thanks pubg for a great ride while it lasted, sincerely, blueballs entertainment.

  3. To me this whole update was pretty much a disappointment. The load in time is longer, the bug when readying up, longer time in between games, no map selection ( I personally don’t like Miramar), and it really doesn’t feel any more optimized or stable. Only good thing is the sights and the added settings.

  4. Mate maybe while posting a full game uncut, give running commentary on why you are running which way you're going, why you chose the loadout so far, tactics on the last 4 circles etc…

  5. New here. Game runs like trash on Xbox One S. How am I supposed to loot hot areas if buildings don’t load and my character look likes I’m jumping like a fucking idiot. Only complaint playing on console.

  6. Both switch it up every now and then I like to watch lol not that way but yeah the boring parts are like you get to see more of your thought process and movements like what path you would choose

  7. Bro I don’t know how you play in first person, the frames are terrible compared to third on Xbox. I usually do play on first but then tried third now I actually noticed that I flick on people

  8. They literally took the test servers and made that into the original… this game is so trash when shooting someone the lag is insane, they made it so mucb worse after the update. But ill still be playing all kinds

  9. Buildings don't render in for over a minute and then you got to spend another 30 seconds jumping all over the screen that's how your game begins… game sucks after the update go play fortnite

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