PUBG Update: THE AK/SLR META HAS ARRIVED?! – Battlegrounds Patch Gameplay

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I finally played enough to be able to give ALL my thoughts on the new patch for PUBG. Don’t forget about the Logitech giveaway:

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  1. Good changes, still the bullet registration feels like dogshit. Rather play RoE, even with a higher ping. My bullets don't just disappear they just lag a little. Literally had stuff disappear in PUBG (reflected in replay and live stream footage)

  2. seen this uploaded yesterday, finally get a chance to sit and watch. Wish i could add more i feel like i am getting a lot more out of this video than you do out of this comment. Keep it up!

  3. I don't like the helmet change, I dont like the water change. I feel like a 30 second dive with a 6 second recovery would be far more balanced. I dont like the grip changes, but i do. I think they have tried to hard to make too many unnecessary pieces viable but really its pretty well rounded so i dont know what i am complaining about. just delete the lightweight grip

  4. this patch is nice. I feel comfortable having about half of the weapons as my primary going into the final 10. Before it was just m16, m416, and scar.

  5. They need to start giving xb some love as far as a pro league. There are a lot ,g good players on xb that would participate and I think given some time it could grow and become something big

  6. The level 2 helmet can occasionally tank a Kar98k headshot… which is somewhat weird. I go loot their body or check the deathcam, their helmets would indicate that it would be damaged to an extreme degree (helmet icon would be red)

  7. You made the point that every weapon is viable now. First of all thats not true at all. A revolver vs a AKM isn't even close to an even match. But I think you meant things like AKM, M4, M16, Tommy GUN. IMO this is completely contrary to reality and bullshit to do in the game. No way a tommy gun you can only put an extended mag on has any business being on par with a fully kit out M4 with grips, tac stock, compensatory and a site of some kind. The fact that they made them almost equal is beyond ridiculous and one of the worst things they could have done to the game. All they really did was make the tommy gun, dp and others like it extremely OP because you have that parity without having to find the right gear to improve them. So you run into a room and on one side you have a M4 and on the other side there is a DP. The M4 has a magazine size of 30 while the DP has a magazine size of 47. Even if you had an expanded mag for the M4 it would only reach 40. The M4's recoil is worse without attachment and about the same with them. You can put the same sites on both. There is no question that the DP is the clear winner. Making something like a DP or a tommy gun equal to an M4 with all attachments isn't balance. Its overpowering the worse gun with the least ability for upgrades.

  8. Con you share your nvidia settings for this game? I have a 1070ti and this is the only game that i have that looks horrible!! Frame drops everywhere!

  9. Had a UMP with vert grip, comp and extended mag with 4x scope because no AR or SR and it couldn't hit anything in the TOP 10.

  10. The SLR is Nerfed with a 10 round mag, IRL it has a standard 20 round magazine. The SKS IRL has an internal 10 round magazine and with modification a 20 or 30 round mag in this game it's a bit of fiction. The SLR shoots nicely.

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