PUBG Update | RIOT SHIELD? | FPS Improvements, Skins, Bug Fixes

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So Skin-Tracker found a Riot shield in the files. I coupled that with the PUBG Update #13, so some good news.

Riot shield:
Update #13:

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  1. All these updates are so useless, I don't know who the head of xbox pubg is but they need to be taking notes from fortnight…. instead of adding small insignificant things to an already buggy game, they should just release new maps and and more squads vs squad game modes and fix the bugs as they come up, they could litterally just include a report bug feature and release almost everything on that pc has… it's already in early development, this is litterally the time for that

  2. Weapon drop has been awful. I’ve had so many guns lately that had only one pack of ammo. Only to fight someone with tons. They talk about game balance but the loot is not balanced at all. I think all weapon spawns should have one box of ammo with either 60 or 90 in it for ar, dmr, smg. Have 25 for pistols and 45 for snipers. Also I think guns should have a random sight already attached or a red dot on everything with the option to have dual optics just like real fire arms. A lot of spec ops use a 4x scope on top and angled on the side where you rotate the fire arm you can use the red dot. Just my 2 cents. Also armor should do better blocking. There is no reason to have a lvl system if all but the air drop helmet get one shoted by a sniper

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