PUBG UPDATE: Patch Problems – SMGs OP? BAD FPS? – Battlegrounds Gameplay

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This recent patch was one of the best ever, but still has issues. I talk about them. Enter the giveaway here:

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  1. PubG Corp is an evil company. Battleeye hasn't reported how many cheaters they've banned and/or how often they ban cheaters for 3 months! PubG corp is making too much money off cheaters rebuying the game and the skinonomy. What a disgrace. I think the game runs pretty good after the patch, and I still prefer the M16 over the AK, I think the recoil is better, especially for longer range auto spraying. As for latency, I think all the cheaters have alot to do with that, bringing lag. TPP NA what I play is over-run more than ever before with cheaters, and its not just the Chinese anymore. I believe I get killed by just as many cheaters that are not Chinese. I think the ping lock is helping, but some Chinese hackers are using VPN's I think. But, like I said, many many hacktards in North America are cheating now too, or from wherever. Such a great game to be given to hacking retards from the very beginning. I keep e-mailing PubG corp and Battleeye and they do not answer any of my questions concerning cheating. Like I said, evil, greedy company to the max. Maybe almost as evil as online poker and online net-wallets.

  2. Please fix desync hits don't register. Stopped playing this game because of that. And it lags a lot when when 2or more people are present in the area.

  3. On a slower, dated connection like the one I play on (UPTO 5mbps adsl +2 miles of copper) The desync is unreal. Nearly every other match has some wonky situation like that first clip. Although not as bad. So much so I feel my squaddies will just give up soon.

    Side note, how are you finding the Arctis 7's?

  4. Tbh it took bf4 an year and a half to fix it's netcode problems. PUBG just gonna have to put all their resources into that considering the fact that bf4 now is one of the best fps ever made

  5. Performance issues after a patch is nothing new, it happens pretty much on every patch. They CANNOT do anything completely right, it's simply impossible for Bluehole. And they also do not learn from their mistakes…

  6. How is this game so popular yet so incredibly buggy? I don't get it. You need to press buttons like three times just to change seats in a vehicle. And they want money for it…

  7. I have a Gtx 960. Used to manage 60-70fps consistently with Med PP and Ultra textures. Now I get average of 40-45fps on very low and that drops to 25-30 in buildings/smoke/cities.

  8. I think buffing SMG dmg by increasing limb shot modifiers was a bad idea. Imo they should have increased the mobility you get when you use an SMG: Faster vaulting etc.

    I heard they wanted to overhaul the melee system so giving players a skill to grab the gun of an opponent if you get close enough would be a nice feature. You could disable it for SMGs since they are too small to grab and with that give them an advantage in cqb.

  9. To be honest, i have played a lot less since the last update, so much just got worse with it. I have more lagg spikes, The Netcode is a joke, players survive whole magazines without taking dmg.
    The game just got a lot less fun for me even though new content was released

  10. my lowest fps on the patch before this one was about 90-100. I have seen 40s every now and then in the current patch which makes it rather anti climatic experience to play. but my pc is very cpu tanky or bottlenecking

  11. What happend to this first guy happens to me all the time. I really can't enjoy the game anymore. I have a highend PC and very fast internet. So it really can't be my setup.Does anybody know why I have this dsync shit all the time. I mean really every fight, not only sometimes. They kill me around the corner before I even see them and my shots don't connect.I reinstalled it already but it didn't help at all.I love PUBG but it's really frustrating to play like this. It started 3 days after the patch was released.

  12. The ARs were nerfed too much in my opinion. I think they should get a buff to recoil (something in the realm of 10-20% less recoil) as now they just kick too much.

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