PUBG State Of The Game – Patches, Vaulting, Gamescom & More

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Hey guys, today we’re going to take a look at some of the bigger updates coming for PUBG and what’s been going on recently.

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  1. So many league streamers have stepped down from Competitive league to stream. Voyboy, scarra, Cutie, dyrus. The list doesnt end.

  2. vaulting would completely change the playstyle of the game, i personally think it would be less fun since people would be able to easily flank requiring no planning or taking space from the enemy and just vaulting over a wall.

  3. The game is fun but i'm not sure how people can play it so much. There is NO content at all. There is ONE game mode on ONE map. IMO it is not worth 30 bucks, maybe 10. They shouldn't be charging 30 dollars for a single fuckin game mode and a single fuckin map. And I get that it's in early access and all that but it has been out for months with no content drops, only bug fixes that they should have fixed before releasing the game. I have 35 hours in the game and I can only play so much before I get bored of playing the same map and game mode every match.

  4. for vaulting where u need both hands to pull urself up you should have to holster ur weapon or get a sling attachment which allows free vaulting and faster weapon switch

  5. shroud isnt the only person to step down from comp gaming to stream. Hai retired to stream but was needed to come back to shot call and kind of missed the comp scene in general so he came back out of retirement. Bunny also stepped down as well to full time stream. doublelift did it for a while. imaqtpie, IWDominate, Rush. Streaming makes a shit ton of money, especially if you have the talent and personality. not to mention, the comp scene is a lot of hard work, not that streaming isnt, but there is a lot more on the line when you are talking about a championship and traveling all over the world as to compared to streaming in the comfort of your own home.

  6. Releasing less frequently is actually not the way to go. They should have done the opposite and gone with a shorter release cycle.
    It might seem illogical at first, but think of it. When you release quicker, you release smaller changes. It's easier to detect bugs AND fix them when the changes are smaller. a.k.a agile.

  7. here is what i want the vaulting to be like i want the player to press space then hold down w to go up and s to go down and you could also just hold onto the wall and just idle there stalking someone lol

  8. If vaulting is added in, I also would like to see maybe a new map added which would be much smaller but is all highrise buildings and a Nathan Drake-esque climbing mechanic.

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