PUBG released new anti-cheat update and 1 million cheater accounts banned in January

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PUBG Developers released an anti-cheat patch earlier today that tightens the noose even more on the cheaters that have been infesting the online game. In addition, it was reported that over 1 million cheater accounts were banned in January. Also, I discuss Brendan Greene calling fans asking for a China Region Lock Xenophobic.

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  1. I liked your content. You frequently seem a bit toddlerish in your hatred if microtransactions, but I accepted that.
    Splitting the pubg player base would in no way eliminate cheaters if they are indeed mostly Chinese, the would instead merely move them around. Itwould simply concentrate the cheaters that exists into separate language pools and the problem would continue. As a large portion of the player base is Chinese , a similiarly large portion of the player base would be cheaters. If you have not noticed the trend in games for players to have more profound memories of their interactions with those that do not speak their native tongue then you need to examine yourself and your own bias. These two factors combined easily explain the 99% myth. You notice the name scrawled into the concrete, do you really notice the the concrete foundation?

    I've unsubbed, I do not need to see further content from a person that so profoundly fails to under the global nature of gaming. Latency issues exist, guess what? I lived for 5 years (ending about 4 months ago) in a place in Arizona (that's right the United States) where I routinely had >500 ms lag, and not infrequently >1200 ms lag.

  2. The ping idea, would that penalize Australian/New Zealand players. I have often been in MMO's with Australasians and they complain that they have to play on EU/NA servers and the ping is high. I do not know if PUBG has a server based down there so this may be a mute argument.

  3. it's all too easy for a kid to type strong words now. If the percentage weights are such that the majority of players are from china, then by default the largest number of cheaters is there too. It would be like going for a drive around america and saying "it seems white people are the worst drivers I only saw white people involved in accidents this week they should have their licences removed"
    Your ping and language barrier argument stands but there is definitely some throwing out of the baby with the bath water here.

  4. Don't like playing games with people you can't communicate with, distract you with screaming in a foreign language, cheat and cause lag? Must be a racist. Think that your country shouldn't let every single person in the world in? Must be a nazi. Do you strongly disagree with everything Trump? Must be a lazy millennial cuck. Are there any opinions you won't get attacked for having?

  5. It's not racist. Different cultures are different. Cheating at video games is discouraged and looked down upon in the west. This mentality has been a lot less common in China, Infact at least 10 years ago It was viewed as impressive. Specifically if you created it yourself. This!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is everything. Region lock China!

  6. First thing's first: I don't see how region locking the game would help anything, and I do think the issue is notably taking on more and more racist tones the more I hear people complain.

    1. 99% of cheaters coming from china is obviously grossly overstated… I honestly don't even think I need to dignify that. Cheaters are literally everywhere. End of discussion.
    2. I have played with people from California and Australia whos connections are worse than someone in China, yet they're "perfectly fine"
    3. I don't see how someone playing not speaking English on the NA server is an issue either. I couldn't count the number of times I join into full team games where 3 of my teammates are in discord together, completely ignoring me, or the times where I just turn off voice coms because I don't feel like talking.

    I don't understand the targeting of Chinese being "THE problem" isn't xenophobic either. We're blaming them for the cheaters, because they can't come from anywhere else obviously, right? We're blaming them for lag issues because the servers don't already have stupid latency issues regardless, right? (also anyone remember when "lagswitches" were a thing? Just me?) And we blame them for not being able to be "a part of the team" despite being teamed up with: a guy who only speaks Spanish, a guy that does nothing but play music, and a guy that is playing the game through his TV and forgot to turn off his microphone so I can hear his mom yelling at him to, "Stop saying all those curse words or I'll smack the devil out of 'ya"

    So I gotta disagree with you here on this one Sid.

    Second, I'm not sure if it was you or who I misunderstood the new anticheat system. I don't think the system checks your computer for particular programs if they are installed on your computer. The new system just targets them from being able to hook into the game client and doesn't allow them to mess with game files. I don't think it's going through my directories and trying to find the offending programs and seal them off, it's just not letting them in the doors they had already. Not I may be COMPLETELY wrong on this, and if I am please disregard this second part the 1st part is more important anyway.

  7. For 6 days pretty much all the Chinese players stopped playing. I didn't even get a servers are busy message once. Didn't see any cheaters. Now since yesterday, all the Chinese players are back and I keep seeing cheating cunts with randomised letter names on replays… Go figure. Fuck you China!

  8. "We live on one big planet together." How cute. Tell that to the Chinese government who teaches every Chinese in school that all westerners are imperialists and evil. China is called a totalitarian country for a reason. Children , from early infancy, are taught to strife to be the best, with ALL means possible. This is one is one of the reasons why corruption, bribery and the guangxi system are so pronounced in China. Therefore people accept that this kind of behavior is normal and do not see anything wrong when doing it themselves.

  9. I use ReShade. Holy crap! Glad I saw this! Uninstalling ASAP, but the game looks " washed out " with default colors. 100% agree with your commentary. Who do you NOT offend these days saying anything?! I have squadded up with randoms on NA servers and been teamed up with three Chinese players! It gets me totally tilted that comms are out the window, lag and rubber banding are too real, and forget Chicken for dinner! lol. Does that make me racist?! Dafuq?! Language barriers make most tasks complex- and team work impossible. Solo play is not am issue , but random squads with this specific issue seems illogical.

  10. PUBG leader poved himself to be an SJW-esque person it seems. What a surprise. Turning on the fans/players and labeling them as xenophobic is disgusting. What is wrong with them ? I hope Fortnite continues to crush PUBG.

  11. i would say region lock just to help with lag and ping issues. how can someone playing in australia have no effect on a server in america? i dont think we have superconductors yet so….

  12. we can group players by their play time. 500-hour players enter a special server.100-hour player enter another server.Newly registered in the third server.Anyone cheat in the 500- hour servers or 100-hour servers would be banned.They must register again but play as a newbie.So cheaters would be more likely in the server for new registered players.It takes them a long time to access 100-hour or 500-hour servers.

  13. This whole Chinese cheater accusation is very easy to prove/disprove using basic statistics. Consider the following method:

    1. Check server side data to determine the total amount of Chinese players.

    2. Compare the number of Chinese cheaters against the total number of Chinese players, you get the % of Chinese cheaters.

    3. Repeat above steps for players from other regions, you get the corresponding %s for cheaters for regions like NA, EU, etc, etc.

    Now, if the % of Chinese cheaters is higher than say, EU/NA region, then the developer has due cause to implement strict measures, including region-lock, to protect players from other regions. If no statistic significance can be determined from collected data, then the developer has a scientific proof to tell the region-lock advocates to go fuck themselves, everyone will be happy.

  14. banned the steam account not just only the game. .until now there are cheaters 2018. .where is the anti-cheater update? Sea Asia clean those bitches

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