PUBG – New Map Gameplay

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New desert map is out with 3 new guns A revolver and Repeater rifle in 45. plus the sawed of shotgun ofc.
The new map is very big and open snipers and scopes are even more important now! Get a good house or hut mid match to get you a good position in the circle.
The two new 45. guns suck low dmg and dps don’t bother with them.
The sawed of shotgun go in your secondary slot so it is a grate shotgun to always have instead of pistols!

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  1. you should have been streaming yesterday
    anderz every streamer had 2/3x the normal vieuwers and it was a great oppertunity to make yourself known to a broader audience

  2. U know I just came back to check the chanle it just popped up in my head when u used to play FTB on the mindcrack server and how much I used to me addicted to watching u and Everyone else glad to see u are still around

  3. Anderz. I'm a long time sub of yours and have not asked for much. I was watching some JackFrags ( I mean yakfrags)vids recently where he revisits BF4. he is having the time of his life. Even loving the leveloution events all over again. Would you consider throwing up a team play with him on bf4? for old times sakes.

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