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New weapon revealed to be the Mini-14!

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  1. Different models of the mini-14 will have pistol grip or not. Alot of them will have piccitiny rails under the barrel, but they probably won't have that. What is interesting is that some models used during Vietnam actually had a fully-automatic fire mode, so I suspect this rifle will actually end up playing a similar role to the VSS, but much stronge (duh.) Also the mag. cap. should be higher. I actually own the model (or atleast similar) to the one they are putting in the game (folding stock included, though I may sell that since they are worth big bucks now) and the standard mags hold 20 rounds, so extended may hold 30. Assuming they stick to realism of course.

  2. That is the Ruger mini 14 carbine. You will typically see them with the pistol grip on it and the minimal stock. If anything, I would assume they would add a rifle body that you can pick up around the map as opposed to making the tactical stock compatible.

  3. I'm pretty pumped for this. M16 is my favorite non-crate weapon in the game, and this looks like it will be in the same vein. Currently, I'll take the M16 over an SKS or Kar98k for a long range weapon (muzzle velocity, recoil, fire rate), so hopefully this will be a slightly better pick-up for those purposes.

  4. .22 Ruger that takes pistol attachments would be nice. Extremely quiet when suppressed almost no sound with limited damage obviously. I think it's be a fun little rifle to have near the end if you are being stealthy, or at the beginning for a medium range no recoil plinker that it quiet. I'd use it

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