PUBG new desert map tour – IAN EXPLORES MIRAMAR!

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Surprise! A new PUBG Desert map has just been dropped in the PUBG test server and Ian’s going to be streaming PUBG Desert map gameplay as soon as it is playable! He’ll be treating this like a tour, exploring the new map Miramar to find out what cool locations and vehicles he can find in this PUBG Mirmar gameplay stream. Maybe he’ll even get some new kills with the PUBG new desert map weapons and vehicles, but we doubt it!

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  1. LOVED when you tried to fly outside the border wall and fell forever to your death! Thanks for the experiment to see what happens lol

  2. You should try actually looking for the new guns. Watching you go past the new revolver etc without checking them out was painful.

  3. WTF are you talking about? It isn't ranch in America instead of farm, you twit. A ranch is where animals are raised for slaughter, and a farm is where food is grown. That has nothing to do with America.

  4. Ah yes, a good ol fashioned sightseeing tour where you can't linger too long in one location and with the ever-looming threat of being shot.

  5. Looking over the comments, i realise most of you are new here looking for footage from the new map. However, any longtime regular will tell you that we watch Ian and Team Eurogamer for their own unique, familial sense of charm and humour and not gameplay prowess. If that's not your thing that's fine, there's not need to be mean about it, move on.

  6. You figure there's so many carniceria's (Butcher shops) in Los Higos because… sausage? Also, the graffiti, No hay pollo para ti!!=no chicken for you! This was definitely made for Ian.

  7. I share your excitement at the new map, but it was so frustrating to watch you get distracted from all of your objectives, then panic and try to survive too late, or get shot because you weren't paying attention to your surroundings. Also, did you actually just mock your fiance for "making a day out of" picking her wedding dress? How silly of her to care what she looks like on the day she marries you. In your words sir, "what a prick".

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