PUBG MOBILE UPDATE v0.6.0 is here Let’s GO!

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***** Donation Rewards (Read More Below) ******
$1.00 + Vocal Shout Out
$10.00 + Add as Friend in Game
$20.00 + 20 Push Ups on Stream
$50.00 + Takes 3 Shots in a row
$100.00 + Wicked buys KFC chicken and eats chicken everytime he gets a Chicken Dinner on PUBG
Plus all rewards Above
$500.00 + Shave off all of my hair Plus All Rewards Above

SPONSOR channel and get these benefits:
Sponsor Lounge on Discord Access: hang out with Wicked after stream and off stream
Sponsor Chat on Discord: get inside information on events and future videos
Sponsor Badge on YouTube plus more Badges
Sponsor Waiting Room Access: Get priority to play with Wicked on livestream
Get a shout out beginning and end of streams with Sponsors names displayed.

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  1. I want gun skin!!!!! But since I'm still a kid I can't use credit card, and parents not allow me to use real money on any games.(I ALSO WANT THE REAL VERSION OF MINECRAFT BEDROCK EDITION!!!!!!) Sad* :‘(

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