PUBG Micro sutters/fps drops fix (update 22.02.18)

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  1. Works like a fucking charm but can i recommend that peoplw just do this in game play settings in game instead through config files

  2. Thank you so much, before your fix my game was literally unplayable with fps below 30 and heavy stutters in between know I easily got over 60 fps and no stutters, literal hero you earned my sub, good sir.

  3. Thank you SO much man! Really helped alot, after the newest fucked sideways.. usually the fps is on 145, but it dropped down to 3-10 fps.. but its normal again thanks to you bro!

  4. Hello,I have a Msi Ge72 6QC laptop that has a gtx960m.Sometimes when I move around or see an enemy,my fps drops to 1 for like 3 seconds then go back to normal.My average fps is 30-60.This problem makes my game unplayable.Please,please help me.

  5. I have a decent laptop gtx 960 12giga. I did this and still experience some huge fps drops in game. could you please help me

  6. I have asus gtx 1080 strix and intel core i7 7700 people usually get very high fps with high settings on this gpu but im always geting like 120 fps less idk why

  7. was bringt das mit der config was du dort gemacht hast mein hurensohn pubg buggt voll hab so im schnitt 100+ fps dann bissl rum laufen dropt einfach mal auf 50 oder so dann direkt wieder auf 100+

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