PUBG GAMESCOM 2017 – XBOX, New Weather, Vaulting, Graphics Updates – PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS

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Gamescom is under way and the first bit of news and photos are starting to come out! My reactions, thoughts, and opinions on the meager offering from today so far.

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  1. Moses you rock bro! You have been my primary means of information on pubg. I don't ever get to see your twitch, but I always watch on here man! KIU!

    See you on the battleground!

  2. maybe comment on the streamer graffiti that pubg is splattering all over the game,it breaks the immersion, everything else is abandoned in appearance,and heres a brand new tag ,besides i didnt buy the game to look at advertising for streamers.

  3. I know I shouldn't ever think about cheaters but every time a competitive game releases updates that increase visual challenges or cool graphics when everyone plays on low settings anyways… just makes me think how much more of an advantage those who decide to cheat get. The AO HBAO change looks like it could actually help visibility by accenting things with a shaded outline.

  4. Those graphical updates looks wonderful! I just hope they optimize the game abit so i can increase texture quality above "low" without getting inventory freezelag..

  5. Worth mentioning that the Xbox One version of the game is technically not a port. Developing in Unreal Engine is one to many, meaning they can code one game and build to many platforms.

  6. I'm hoping that they make the foliage real on all levels of graphical fidelity so I can belly crawl to the final circle safely, and one punch the last guy. The vaulting thing is bound to open up exploits in this WIP title, so get your recording software prepped for the glitchers

  7. They did recently say they were slowing down the patches and that… So sounds like they are saying one thing and doing another in this case.

  8. So the first guy was unarmed in his vault, and it looks like the second guy climbed the rock but lost his rifle with a quick switch. I foreseeing this being the death of many if you need to be unarmed to perform the move.

  9. Whoever thinks this is ruining the game. H1Z1 is still out there.

    But as in every game, change is always frowned upon, but loved when they actually release the updates.

  10. looks amazing but no one will use the graphics cranked way up just because turning everything down takes advantage of letting someone see others allot better….. sucks but it's true.

  11. Wow a PC port to console instead of the other way around for once that's refreshing. Usually we're the ones that get the shity cobbled-together L we almost forgot about the PC Gamer s*** I mean even csgo is a console port for Pete's sake

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