PUBG Driver Update AMD RX Vega 64 Vs GTX 1080 Frame Rate Comparison

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Post Processing is on very low as anything higher enables Nvidia’s HBAO+

Cards Used

Sapphire AMD RX Vega 64 Limited Edition – 17.8.2
Asus GTX 1080 Founders Edition – 385.41

CPU – Kaby Lake 7700k

Shadowplay and ReLive was used to record.

This is out of the box performance with increased fan speed.

PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Pc AMD RX Vega 64 Vs GTX 1080 1440p Frame Rate Comparison Benchmark

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  1. They can do how many drivers they want to do… but drivers will not save them at all. Drivers can give them a max of 10% at the best case scenario. We see that with RX 480 vs GTX 1060, they had to make RX 580 rebrand (RX 480 with higher GPU clocks) to beat a stock GTX 1060 at the end of the day with only 2%. Fook off Radeon Technologies Group you really suck big time with Vega 64 in both performance and power draw. They made AMD of shame with this crap card. I hope at least for Vega 56 to drop the price and let the gamers buy that card at a right price because is a bit better than GTX 1070 and have more potential to OC and even slightly beat the Vega 64.

  2. @ DudeRandom84 nice update , im starting to get worried about amd but i dont think i have to worry to much with my 1080ti i think i can go back alssep now

  3. HBM killed vega. It is the reason why the card is that expensive. They should have gone with gddr5x. 15% less performance for 30% less price (compared to 1080 ti) would have been actually competitive.

  4. vega is much more fluid and smooth in this test. it could be clearly seen in movement. nvidia has visually 30-40 fps while MSI Afterb. shows 70. vega visually is around 50-60+fps. i think this is because of ultra-wide vega's bandwidth.

  5. There is realy no need to replace r9 390. However its 4 years old or so and you can sell it add 200$ and buy 1080 like Im doing it. I was hoping AMD will stay true to its words and deliver vega56 for 400$ but seen what they did with vega64 I moved away from AMD with also purchasing i7 rather than ryzen. I dont know what performance gains I will achive but seeing AMD has gameplan that fits noone I decided its in my best interest to move forward. That is 1000$ that AMD wont see from me, kinda shame bcoz I was not premium components buyer but all this shenenigans from AMD lost costumer. I spent 300$ more on PC but at the end of the day Im proud owner of intel-nvidia combo. Time will tell if I made right decision but as of now looks the decision is wise.

  6. AMD RX Vega 64 getting driver update, but still sucks compared to GTX 1080. Wake up AMD fanboy, you are so delusional to think Vega 64 will be at GTX 1080 Ti, it will never happens lol

  7. Why benchmark this game on max settings? Almost everyone plays with certain settings like foliage and shadows turned down for a tactical advantage.

  8. Max the post processing and all settings and the results will paint a different picture, another benchmark shows the 1080 losing by 10 fps to the vega 64 with maxxed settings in 1440p

  9. Still too early to say, but couple months from now RX Vega 64 will have better performance with updated drivers, it has always been like this with AMD GPU's. Now will it ever outperform 1080 on this game? Probably not, but in many others it will and is already doing it.

  10. just bought me a vega 64, after how quickly nvidia decides to stop support for last gen flagships no more nvidia for me. just 2 games i play on pc Total war Warhammer and Divinity orignal sin 2.

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