PUBG Desert Map Teased & Tournament Rant

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Hey guys, today we’re going to take a look at the awesome WIP image of the new desert map in PUBG and talk about the Gamescom Invitational Tournament.

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  1. All i really want is a hardcore mode where you can't see the exact amount of ammo you've got in your mag and you get a realistic amount of damage. So, 2 shots might already kill you, even from a SMG. And of course, way less ammo to be found. Because the main reason i don't play this game as much is simply because people tend to survive about 6-8 bullets from me and just turn around and insta-headshot me.

  2. Yeah I certainly hope they do continue to add weapons to the game, I am surprised when talking around the idea of having a bull-pup rifle you didn't mention the Steyr Aug it would the gun I would like to see added. I agree with the MP5A5 too I would love to see that gun in the game, it would be my go to paired with an Sks or Kar98.

  3. honestly wins in this game don't feel good getting kills does my average I 8 most ive had was 31 and the match wasn't even over but servers went down when I was playing

  4. Nah, I am gonna say it. Evermore may have played the tournament smart, but he's not that great of a player compared to the caliber of some of the other ones there. We wouldn't even know who the hell Evermore was if PUBG got their shit together. E-sports ready, my ass.

  5. Remember, you may think you're good at a game, but there's always some Chinaman like Evermore that will abuse the system and score higher than you. He was probably a Chinese gold farmer during WOW's heyday.

  6. this is not CoD or Battlefield, this is a game about survival. Tactics win the game not agressive CoD rush and atempting to kill everybody. So hiding and avoiding combat is a stong way to play PUBG. I don't see why lvlcap is so buthurt about that playstyle…

  7. Imagine a snow map, snowcapped mountains, snow gillie suit, snow flakes falling, glaciers damn that be nice. It be the modern day Cold War

  8. Trying to host a competitive tourney with 3rd person mode is fucking stupid. 3rd person camera exploits (looking over the top of things, and around corners without revealing yourself) is about the most casual way you could possibly play this game. And they make a tourney out of that casual shit? LOL Okay.

  9. The more points per kill as the game goes on is a great idea, being rewarded for hideing and getting no kills is NOT the way it should work at all, I'd be hella pissed if I got into the top 10 each game with 10 kills a game, and lost to a dude who only had 4 kills and only 1 win. Consistency and skill should be deciding factors, not RNG of finding enough meds to hide in the blue just to place higher…

  10. The map is 4th the size of the last map and the buildings only have 2 floors? what? isnt that a massive step in the wrong direction

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