PUBG: Desert Map Gameplay

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First off, this is not an episode of Awful Squad. Still with us? Russ Frushtick and Jeff Ramos are hopping on the test servers to check out the brand new Desert map in PUBG’s test servers. Join us!

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  1. Russ for the love of god go first person indoors your view in third person is not directly behind your back so you have to fully expose yourself to see around some corners.

  2. they should spawn players already with guns,because nobody wants the waste time by looting some very well hidden items on the ground

  3. Horrible player! At 4:31 he runs right past an assault rifle, has to face first foe unarmed. Incompetent buddy lined up behind him to get shot like a moron, too Sad!

  4. It's hard to drive in this map cause of the mountains, and easy to camp. Map is fine, but I think it will not be "popular"…in 2 o 3 years PUBG will take Counter Strike line, you know, 500 available maps, including mods, and only 4 popular and played.

  5. I really don't understand the infatuation with this game. 52 minutes before any kind of action and then oops it's all over. That was really exciting – like watching paint dry.

    No offense the castors – you guys were entertaining.

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